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Pediatric Care Plan...Help!

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I am needing some help writing a care plan.

It is for a newly diagnosed diabetic pediatric (10 year old) patient.

I need 3 nursing diagnoses, 3 goals for each diagnosis, and 8-10 interventions for each diagnosis.

So far I have Deficient knowledge R/T lack of knowledge of diabetes management AEB patient age 10 and new diagnosis, Risk for unstable blood glucose level R/T developmental level and lack of knowledge on how to manage new diagnosis, and Risk for imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements R/T insulin deficiency.

Are these okay?

I'm having a hard time writing a pediatric care plan. I know the patient will have deficient knowledge, hes 10. So would these diagnoses even fit here? Or are there others that would fit better as it would relate to the parent?

Also, would the goals be more parent/caregiver specific? How would I incorporate teaching diabetes management to a 10 year old child?

Thanks for all of your help!

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God I hate care plans. But there’s this: your nursing diagnoses should be based on your assessment. IDK how your teacher does it, but ours has us prioritize them. Deficient knowledge is great, but if the kid’s BGL was 400, or their potassium was out of whack, is them not knowing how to manage their diabetes really the priority? Also, is unstable glucose really a risk here? It’s kind of already a thing, right? So I’m not sure about the risk diagnosis. Think about all of the complications that come from diabetes when you’re trying to formulate a risk diagnosis.

This kid is 10. I think it’s fair to start teaching them how/when to check their blood sugar, what hyper/hypoglycemia feel like and all that other diabetes education stuff. Definitely include their parents since, if it’s a new diagnosis, this is a new world for everyone. Don’t let the fact that it’s a kid confuse you. Pediatrics is just med surg for kids. A lot of things are still the same.

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