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  1. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    Hi there! Allow me to clear up some of your questions. The prelicensure BSN program does not have an online only option. You will meet in class with your instructor. Some of the books do have an option to buy an online copy, however, for some classes, you will need the PIN that allows you to access the homework assignments, and that may not be available with a PDF. I always purchased the actual hard copies of the books. WCU has 2 formats for classes on campus. The first is the block format. Your class will meet one day a week for 5 hours at a time. The second is the blended format, which is what most of the prerequisite classes are doing. This format meets one time a week for 2.5 hours, and then you have online assignments to do (discussion boards). You aren't necessarily at school only once a week. If you have a class such as Microbiology, that has a lab, and another class like speech, you may have Micro on Wed from 0930-1200, Speech on Tues from 0700-1200, and Micro Lab on Friday from 0700-1100. Those are just examples to show you how the schedule could be setup. I don't participate in the evening/weekend program, but I have friends who do. I attend the daytime program, and I also work full time. Once you get into Nursing CORE, each didactic (fundamentals, med-surg, OB, etc...) has a clinical, skills lab, and sim lab that you have to go to. In CORE, I've had terms where I'm on campus 5x week, but not the whole day. Some days it's only until 12. If you work, the schedule for the following term is usually out by week 5, so you'd have a good idea of when you could work. I hope I was able to answer your questions. Feel free to ask if you have more!
  2. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    To paint a different picture, I work 3-12's a week. I know a lot of others who do as well. I'm not going to lie and say it's easy. I really have to manage my time. But my family has this weird obsession with groceries (they like when we have them), so I have to work. If you can avoid it, don't work. But if you have to, use your time wisely and work as far ahead as you can. I've been working since I've been in Nursing Core (actually before that) and have gotten straight As. Understand that this is not without sacrifice. Do those of us who work nights have to come straight to school after a shift sometimes? Absolutely. Do I miss out on everything because of work or school? Sure But we make it happen. It really depends on you and your time management/work ethic.
  3. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    Hey there! When I started at WCU, they took the HESI. I think they only do TEAS now, but I'm not sure. The credits for nursing usually don't transfer, but that can be standard for any program. Schools need their NCLEX scores to be at a certain level to maintain BON approval/ACEN or CCNE accreditation, and a lot aren't willing to bet that you've learned what you're supposed to at another school. In terms of grad schools, this isn't a problem. But to clarify, once you have your degree, you wouldn't be considered a transfer for a graduate program-you'd be a grad student. There is actually a professor at WCU who geaduated from there in 2014 and is got her Master's at TWU without incident. WCU is nationally and regionally accredited, so graduate programs at other facilities are not usually an issue. At least from what I've seen/heard. Anyone who's heard different feel free to chime in.
  4. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    Best advice is to manage your time wisely. Terms go by fast at WCU, so you need to stay on top of the work or else you will struggle. Stay ahead of the game, if at all possible. I'll be honest, the clinical site selections aren't the best, but clinical is what you make it. Jump in and offer to do things, see what you can, and you'll do fine. Also, don't just study to pass that week's quiz. Remember that we are accountable for everything listed the syllabus-not just the power points the professor gives. When you hit nursing core, get out of the mindset that you're studying for that class. We have to take a proctored exam that's worth 12% of our grade, and if you haven't studied what's in ATI, you won't do well. I think it's a great program, and I've got an A average, but it didn't come easy. Work your butt off, learn the material, use your professor as a resource, and you'll be fine. Best of luck and Welcome to WCU
  5. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    PCT/CNA during school

    I work full time as a PCT and go to school full time. I work nights, 7p-7a. Idk how anyone works day shift and goes to school. There are days that I get off and have to go straight to class and be there all day. It just is what it is. That's my reality, though because I have kids who enjoy opening the refrigerator and finding food inside, so not working isn't an option. My facility allows us to self-schedule, so I pick the days that work best for my school/life. Maybe you can look into that when applying. Working while in nursing school is doable. People do it all the time. You just have to make sure you're using your time wisely and understand that it may require some sacrifice.
  6. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    How long does it take to complete PCT training?

    If that's how long they say it takes, that's how long it takes. Some CNA classes only take 2-3 weeks. Honestly, there's not a whole, whole lot to the basics of being a PCT. Anything specific would be learned at whatever facility you ended up at.
  7. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    Hey there! I don't know/haven't heard of anyone who needs a roommate. If I hear anything, I'll definitely reply back here and let you know!
  8. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    OK Board of Nursing; Acceptance or Denial???

    Not to be a negative Nancy, but I'm in Texas, and our program told us that even those with expunged records would need to fill out a Declaratory Order of Eligibility because it would come back on the background check the BON runs anyway.
  9. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    I know I'm late, but I agree. You have to take patho and capstone at WCU. I do know people who only had to take those two classes and Cultural Pluralism (which is a humanities course) before they could start nursing.
  10. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    New PCT -Peer Pressure

    Idk why it's always like that when you get to a new place. You train and learn how to do things the right way, yet when you get on the floor, the more seasoned people don't do things the way they're supposed to. It's all a matter of doing what you know you're supposed to do. If you get caught lifting with your own back when you weren't supposed to, YOU are the one who gets in trouble. And "but they do it too" won't be a valid defense. Let everyone else hurt themselves. You take care of you. Congrats on the new gig!!
  11. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    Is Medical Assistant school difficult?

    I did MA school 4 years ago, and I didn't find it that difficult. We did some basic med calc, but nothing too extreme.
  12. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    Handling the Bad with the Good - prospective student

    Hey there! I'm still a nursing student, but I do go to school, work as a PCT at a Children's hospital, and have a husband and 3 kids. In terms of the schedule, my family and I just have to keep in mind hat this is only temporary, and the end will justify the means. I don't always get to spend as much time as I would like with my family, but they understand that mommy is working hard to become a nurse, and when she's done, we'll have a lot more time together. My husband gets it too and is supportive. So maybe keep that in mind if you decide to go forward? I work night shifts at a PCT full time, so I do 3 12s, sleep when my kids are at school, and on my days off, I go to class/study as much as I can during the day so I can help with homework at night. The schedule part is doable. You both just have to be willing to manage the time to work it out. In regards to dealing with the stress, I'm not gonna lie, it's hard. Especially in Peds. I work on a pulmonary unit, so our kiddos are on vents, and when one codes, it can be emotionally draining-especially if we aren't able to get them back. The very first time it happened on my shift, I was devastated. But the fact is that people die. Of all ages. And you have to keep it together in order to be there to support the family because they're the ones who've lost. And once my charge nurse explained it to me in that way, it was a little easier to deal with the second time around. Best of luck in whatever you decide!
  13. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    I'd like to add that I really like this thread! When I started at WCU, there weren't really any threads here apart from those that were bashing the school for the expense. It's nice to have a place where people can ask questions and get legitimate answers.
  14. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    I will say this about the cost: if you have a decent GPA, they have a scholarship that can cover a lot of the tuition. Mine was 13,500 and with grants and loans, I paid nothing out of pocket for this school year. Of course, that means you have to keep up a competitive GPA.
  15. CrunchyEvenInMilk

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    I don't know if you've gotten an answer to this one yet, but they do not allow concurrent enrollment. Once you start the program, they usually don't accept anymore transfer credits.