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acmt27 has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU, SICU, CCU, PCU.

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  1. NCLEX preparation using UWorld

    I used UWorld and passed first try in 75 questions. It's been a couple years so it's hard to remember but I think I was getting average scores on the UWorld questions. Average enough to be very nervous that I should have been doing better on the ques...
  2. Want to transition to MICU/SICU

    My situation a year ago was almost exactly like yours- a year and a half on a tele unit, working nights. I absolutely hated nights but day nurses on tele were always swamped so I put up with the disruption to my circadian rhythm. I've always wanted t...
  3. Not Many Vented Patients - How Acute if Your ICU?

    I float around the ICUs at my hospital, but mostly stick to our SICU and MICU. We are a level I trauma center in a large urban area. We also have a CCU and PCU, 10 beds for each unit. We are a very trauma heavy hospital so even when I'm in the MICU I...
  4. At my hospital, they use pain parameters for IV pain meds (ex: fentanyl 50mcg q1h PRN for pain 7-10). If I rated the pt's pain as a 3 and gave that med, I'd be flagged by pharmacy. That's crazy that they expect you to give IV for a pain of 3.
  5. Should I quit now?

    Long post but skip to the last paragraph for the main jist of my issues. I have been considering quitting my current position for a while now (like, since before COVID was a thing in every hospital). I work in telemetry, where we are chronically unde...
  6. It all completely depends on where you end up. I have friends who can't stand some of their coworkers, don't feel welcomed on their floor, or are put off by hearing nurses gossip about other nurses. But I have had an incredible experience in my first...
  7. UWorld, Hurst, or Kaplan?

    I used UWorld. The explanations they gave for every question were phenomenal. They also rationalized why the incorrect options were incorrect, which I thought would be confusing but made total sense and was a massive help in developing better critica...
  8. Med/Surg to ICU

    I'm in sort of the same boat! Trying to switch from tele to ICU, I hate the monotony of a non critical floor and am most excited and focused in the few times where our floor is in an emergent situation. I would totally say to go for it but I don't th...

    Ditto to the above comment. I went to Mizzou's nursing school and had taken a few different AP classes. They counted as credit but did not factor into my GPA (which was a bummer because they would've raised my GPA ?‍♀️)
  10. How I passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions

    I also passed in 75, and would HIGHLY recommend the app/website UWorld. There's different subscription options so you can choose from different size banks of mock exams and questions that are broken down into categories such as psych, OB, etc. What I...