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  1. RNmmg

    All 130 Questions!!

    Don't give up hope just yet. I believe I have read quite a few people on here that when going all the way to 130, the "bad pop up" turned out to be wrong for them.
  2. RNmmg

    Pearson vue trick results on hold 😳

    There are MANY people who have gotten the "bad" pop up only to find out that they indeed passed. Lots of posts in this forum on that matter. Try to hang tight and wait for your results.
  3. RNmmg


    Did you get your results yet from your exam earlier this week?
  4. RNmmg


    I'm not sure how your state BON works, but the only way I can think of to know right away without purchasing the quick results is to check and see if you have been issued a license number? Some states are very fast and update the very next morning after the exam but others I have heard take weeks. If it were me, and the quick results were available to purchase, and my BON hadn't updated anything, then I would just buy them if it was going to ease my anxiety. It's $8.00, but if you aren't able to spend that, then you may be stuck waiting for a bit. If so, just keep the faith and wait for official results and/or license issuance. Good luck!
  5. RNmmg

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    It seems to vary. If I remember correctly, mine was from when I finished. I started mine at 1:00pm, finished at 2:00pm and mine became available around 2:45pm two days later. I remember being so upset when it wasn't right at 1:00, then again when it wasn't 2:00... so you can start checking at 8am, and maybe just check once per hour after that. Good luck, I hope you get them soon!
  6. RNmmg

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    If your state participates in the Quick Results from Pearson, that is 48 hours from the time you test.
  7. RNmmg


    If it shuts off at 60, it just means that the computer determined with 95% accuracy that giving you any more questions would not change whatever result you got. There is no way to know how many you answered right or wrong. Generally speaking however, when it cuts off at the minimum, you have either done really well or really not-so-well. It is normal to leave thinking you have done terribly, and failed. I think most people leave that way. But many find out they in fact passed. I think very few people walk out feeling confident. So try to relax and wait for your results.
  8. RNmmg

    Passed NCLEX COVID 2020- short notice

    This just means that your results are literally "on hold" and it can be for a number of reasons, not necessarily anything you did. I have heard if you are a fast test taker and finish in under an hour, it can flag the system. If something happened with your computer that you weren't even aware of, it can flag it. Issues with the palm scanners, etc. Usually the results are not on hold for more than a day or two, but it just depends on why it got flagged and how long it takes to verify the issue. Unfortunately it's a waiting game. If your state participates in the quick results, you can keep checking the Pearson site as you get closer to the 48 hour mark to see if your quick results become available (or if you are in a state with a BON that updates quickly, you can check there too for your license issuance).
  9. RNmmg

    Florida RN remedial courses

    Do you know what your weak areas are? What does your CPR show afterward?
  10. RNmmg

    NCLEX Journey

    CONGRATS! Solid advice as well. How did you remember the number of questions you had per subject and format like that? I remember walking out of mine dazed and couldn’t remember a single question 🙂 You have an excellent memory! That will serve you well
  11. RNmmg


    I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are asking, but in my opinion, no the archer qbank wasn’t comparable to NCLEX questions. That’s my experience. Considering that the NCLEX is high stakes and it’s going to cost a lot of money to repeat it if you fail, I think it is worth it to go for a good product like UWorld or even Kaplan
  12. RNmmg


    Definitely UWorld over archer any day. Like stated above, maybe in time archer will get better but it’s not great, hence how they can give it away for free/ sell it so cheap. Nobody would pay for the quality that it is currently. Go with UWorld.
  13. RNmmg


    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass. So what exactly have you been using to study? Which programs?
  14. RNmmg

    Pearson quick results holiday weekend?

    So you tested Friday and your quick results were available on Tuesday? (4 days!! Yuck! 🙂 ) So safe to say they aren’t available on weekends or holidays I guess? Good info for future test takers!
  15. RNmmg

    UWorld, Hurst, or Kaplan?

    I used ATI through my school as well, but I never really became a fan of it. When it came time to study for NCLEX, I used UWorld, and also Kaplan. I found that for the most part, I liked UWorld better. The questions seemed "harder" than Kaplan, and the rationales were so much better. Very detailed. Kaplan was good for me to assess my knowledge, but UWorld taught me what I didn't already know. UWorld is also set up very much like NCLEX, so when I sat to take the exam, it felt familiar to me.
  16. RNmmg

    NCLEX Repeater

    I don’t think I felt like mine was easy by any means. I left feeling pretty badly and wasn’t confident on probably 85% of my answers. But I’ve heard that a lot people leave feeling like they failed but end up passing! I’m sure you did great. Please let us know what you find out tomorrow 🙂

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