UVM (vermont) DE-DNP Fall 2022

by Tristan E Tristan E (New) New Student

Hi Everyone!

I recently submitted an application for the fall 2022 Direct Entry DNP program at the University of Vermont. I am hoping to enter the AGNP track.  I went to an information session and learned quite a bit from it which I was grateful for because there wasn't too much info on the website. I was at the information session that was highly populated with many Californians 😂. Has anyone else applied?



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I also applied to UVM. I am hoping to enter the FNP track. How was the information session? Is there any information you could pass on?

Thank you, 



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Hi everyone I just received my acceptance letter for the DENP program at UVM!


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Same, I’ve received my acceptance a few days ago. Good luck everyone!


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Hi guys! I applied closer to the deadline, end of November, and have not heard back yet. Has anyone who applied later heard from them yet? On the website it says decision letters will go out end of the month so just wondering if I should be worried or not. 


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Still waiting!

I was told it was in review.