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  1. Northeastern Direct Entry Fall 2022

    We live in Watertown, so I completely agree with the sentiment of staying close to home. I am a senior and I currently to school in Easton, MA, and I don’t want to leave MA either. I’m very impressed with the program and it is very great that she has...
  2. Northeastern Direct Entry Fall 2022

    I just asked her. She told me it was a letter when she called me (she was very upset because it was the only program she applied to), but it was actually an email. She received the email on Thursday.
  3. Northeastern Direct Entry Fall 2022

    Hi! Do you have any advice or tips for the interview process? What is the best way to prepare? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! I submitted my application for Northeastern's Direct Entry Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program. I was just thinking this could be a great space to provide updates, give each other tips, and ask any questions about the process. I know...