usually, how long into the program do clinicals start?

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i know that every program is prob different but usually when do you start your clinical rotations? i will be an lpn student wednesday and i am just curious! thanks!

Hi Betty,

I am an ADN student, we started clinicals about half way into the first semester. I can't say for the LPN program. Good luck with your education, LPN is a good way to go, sometimes I wish I had gone that route.

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I was in a 4 year BSN and we started the 2nd or 3rd week. My gf just started a LPN/RN program and she doesnt do clinicals til november

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I am in an RN program and we started a few weeks in.

I just started LPN school last week and we don't start our clinicals until mid November.

Good luck and have fun at school!

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My LPN program is full time, four quarters. Clinical rotations start in November (at the end of the first quarter). Clinical skill labs (at the nursing school) start the 2nd week of school.

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First clinical ever was the last 5 weeks of the semester. After that, we'd have orientation the first week of school and start the following week.

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I'm in an ADN program and our clinicals started about 8 weeks in. We had to take an assessment class and pass it before we could visit a clinical site. I think our LVN program does something similar.

In my BSN program, 4 years, we didn't start clinical until semster 2.

RN program, we start the 3rd week :)

BSN program we start after 7 weeks. However when a program starts clinical doesn't matter as much as how many hours you spend in clinical.

Just curious, for those who started clinicals weeks in, did you have a lighter school load those first few weeks or did they just replace the time you would have been in clinical with extra skills labs and lecture the first weeks of school?

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