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  1. Teebee5

    RBC student line of credit, did you get one?

    I got the RBC student line of credit when I first got into my BSN program and I am glad I did. Student loans covers tution, books, daycare and car insurance, and that's it. I had to get my husband to co-sign, and each October I have to send them a letter stating my standing with the school. Although this may seem like a saving grace, be warned their month interest can bite and you have to open a student account with them too, that takes bites out of your money if you ever use the debit card, which you have too since you transfer money from the line-of credit to the checking account. Have you applied for bursaries and awards as well?? studentawards.ca is a good website and depending on your grades and school there should be awards to apply for as well. Good luck.
  2. Teebee5

    RN school wait lists in BC

    Hi, As I mentioned to the previous poster, go and talk with an advisor about where your points are standing. Because the program has changed requirments since I got in go and talk to someone in admission or directly from the nursing department. They will have the most up todate information. Sometimes, some people have said their points where posted under thier online application, but that never happened for me. I ended up called the school and as for finding out if you get in, its a long waiting process, some people with top points get in right away in April, and then some find out a week before september, basically, you need to be patient. As for points, it can be tricky. I thought I had good points, but was disappointed when some of my creditientials where not accounted for. In the end I made it for fall 2009 start date, but again, things change and only admission and the department will be able to give you more information. In the mean time, I STRONGLY suggest taking all the elective courses you can. Apply to be a pre-nursing student if you haven't already, and that way you can register for the biology courses and take them before the program starts. DO the same with ENglish, the english elective and then two UT electives, because you will save yourself stress in the long run. Summer semster registation is only a month away so you still have time! Good luck and if you have other questions let me know.
  3. Teebee5

    Vancouver Coastal Health Interview

    I worked there for 5 years in two different positions and I enjoyed my work enviroment ( I only left to continue with my schooling) and hopefully get to return to work there! I don't know what their RN hiring is as I was not hired as one there. However, I can offer you good luck with you interview!
  4. As a local sub-burnite... of Vancouver, there are "coughing" somewhat affordable housing out in New West, PoCo, Maple Ridge and Surrey... the downside is traffic... New West is centeral to most of the lower mainland hospitals... how do I know well I live here and when I would go to VGH ( a major vancouver hospital) I would take the skytrain ( about 80bucks a month) and now that I am a BSN nursing student, having to drive to my clinicals out in Maple Ridge ( 30-40minute drive) Surrey Memorial ( 15 minute drive)... Burnaby is just as expensive as Vancouver... however... if one was to do re-search on MLS there have been a few apartments available in the Cambie area for under 500,000... which is pricy, considering that for 1 more bedroom you can get a 3B, 2bath for under 350,000 here in new west, and still have enough for your monthly commute of gas or transit... As for the interior, yes, it is a little bit cheaper, however there may not be as many oppurtunties for work, as there are not as many health facilities that may be in the area that you are working for... As for a HOUSE in BC... again, unless you have family money, or are willing to co-buy with a friend or other family, its a dream my friend and not one that is going to happen in my life time. The only other *cheapish* idea out there, is to buy in Mission and work in a hospital out there, or take the WestCoast Express daily to work if it happens to be on the way in... however, its a long drive to anywhere else, and I would really look at how far away you want to live vs. the commute to work factor... driving can be frusterating, and although transit is cheaper, in the further burbs it is not as realiable and can still take upwards of an hour depending where you live and where you work... and thats if there even a transit option... Anyone who has tried to get to Poco via transit at 6am in the morning knows what I am talking about! Or if you are willing to work in remote BC city and then commute... maybe... but its not as easy as one would hope for... not at least in the lower mainland... That's the reality and yeah it sucks, but hey you'll pay less in housing tax each year and hydro.
  5. Teebee5

    Maternal / Neonatal Clinical

    Personally, I love my maternal/neonatal clinical. I thought it was interesting and a wonderful expereince. Now, my perpesctive is as a parent, so I found most of the materials review of my knowledge and expereince. I did really good on the written clinical exam. Yes, there is a lot of reading, but you need to ask your self, do I really need to know all of this? You need to be able to pick out important, key ideas and translate that into knowledge that you can use and share during your classes and clinical. Enjoy the experience, and you know what I was scared my first day too, but once you do your first assessment on a post-partum mom, its all down hill from there. The bathing the newborn baby, is so wonderful and a special time with the family to be apart of. Good luck!
  6. Teebee5

    RN school wait lists in BC

    Go and talk to an advisor and find out for sure how many points you have. it sounds like you have more than. You;ll get points for the Animal Dipolma, and your grade point average and your hours. I think you are doing better than you think, as for 20 points, I think it has changed, so use the information from the most current nursing handbook. Have you applied yet, because the deadline is pretty soon and its only once a year for application. Good luck.
  7. Teebee5

    RN school wait lists in BC

    Hi there TNDoherty, Welcome. I am currently attending Douglas College and am half way through the program. If you are planning on going to Douglas and take the Biology 1103/1203 do it. It makes your life so much easier, than to take it while in the program. Make sure you apply to the pre-nursing program, instead of general, so that you can register for the biology class. You get second priority for the class, and if on the day of your registration you start at 9am you should get a seat. Just watch the registertion times and dates. You can also take Bio 1109/1209 it is the same class and exam, its just for sport science, you can transfer in lieu of the bio. Just check with an advisor first, in case things have changes since I took my bio classes. While you are waiting, I strongly suggest taking the other electives too! You need 2 English, Engl 1130 and another... its a pain, but it is required, as there are A LOT of papers to due each term! As for electives, well those are up to you. Yes, people think that taking Psychology is a smart choice and if you are into it, why not? But, if you're not, why not take a class that interests you, or better yet.... see if you classes transfer to Douglas. http://www.bctransferguide.ca/ I know you mentioned being a perment resident close to douglas, so check out your options. As for you points, I would try and increase those as you wait... Most people for the fall intake have more that 12... and then I have heard as low of 7.8 for winter, but it depends on a lot of factors, like how many applied, and what number you seat is. If you are missing points, try and make them up, get the volunteer or work hours, take those electives, they count too! Also, while your at it brush up on your CPR because its required later too! Good luck, and if you have questions, PM. Oh and as for VCC they may have a new BSN program, but they have been teaching nursing for many years and have a good reputation! All the best, Tee
  8. Teebee5

    Having Some Doubts....

    You should take some time and reflect on why you want to become and nurse. Make you specific goals and focus on what you want to do. Remember that LTC is not the same enviroment as LTC. There can be similarities depending on the area of the hospital, but in many cases, especially actue, it will be a different experience. What type of nursing do you want to do?? Sometimes, in order to do one thing we have to make do with another until we are able to do our goal. Nursing can be a rewarding career and is not limited to LTC! HUGS!
  9. Teebee5

    Failed my first baseline assessment...advice?

    sarah - First you need to stop beating yourself up. Even if this hadn't been your first or one hundredth assessment, you need to think of what went positive, instead of the negative. I get super nervous during my observations too. And you know what a great secret to success is.... Never let the instructor know you are nervous or unsure. Promote yourself as confident, even if you are scared sh*tless on the inside! Raise you headup, shoulders back and take a deep breath. Instructors like to see confident students, it is a better situation. It also is reasuring to the patient as well. You are a student and you are in school to learn. So learn from everything. Even this instance, there are things you will not forget, isn't there. Another idea is write a gameplan down before you do the assessment. Look at the chart and have a good idea of what you important focuses are "ie. Resp, cardio, nereu, pain...etc." this way you can't miss it when you do your head to toe or your focused assessment. So Sarah, next week when you go back to clinical, stand tall and proud, smile and breathe. It is going to be okay, and although you feel yucky right now, it will pass! Hugs.
  10. I was a B- student, who was lucky, to have a BA in Arts and work expereinced which bumped me up the list. In nursing school I have improved my GPA to the B/B+ level and I am fine with that. It's a letter grade not real life. Its fine if one is totally an A book smart person, but what does that mean in terms of clinical skills and life experience??? Could mean nothing... a letter grade should not be the only determinent of a potential nurse or a nursing student. Competences and clinical skill base is what makes us nurses. Good luck and don't listen to the "perfect" GPA people who seem to have a negitive attitude.
  11. Teebee5

    Survived my first C/S!

    Well as many of you know I have this fear of surgery, and well yesterday I got to witness my first C/S and it wasn't so bad. In fact it was quick, efficiant and kind of neat to see the different layers of skin that gets cut. So all in all, it was a good learning experience.
  12. Teebee5

    Nervous about Surgical Rotation.

    I think I should be the one to say "WOW"... in my first month we were spending it on pericare, hygiene, and handwashing and not with a real patient either... not kidding... a month. We only just went to our first clinical setting last term, and had a 1:1 and 1:2 patient rotation. If you have gotten to do wound care debrivement and NG tube insertions in your first months, thats awesome. I am doing a 4 year nursing degree, and from what I know the LPN is shorter, so the program is going to be different. Good luck!
  13. Teebee5

    Nervous about Surgical Rotation.

    I found the Obersvering OR thread, and it was very useful. Thank you for pointing that to my direction.
  14. Thank you so much for posting this! I appreciate this tips a lot!