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Another thread on laptops included comments about using a white (dry erase) board for studying. At least a couple people expressed interest in hearing how others use their white board to study, so I'm starting a new thread on the topic.

If you love using a white board to study, tell us your favorite techniques for using the board.

Whenever I am studying something, and another topic catches my eye... rather than going off on a tangent, I write the new idea on the whiteboard to come back to later. Helps me keep focus at the subject at hand.

I also will post inspirational words or quotes in the corner (I have a large bulletin board size).

I use my dry erase board to give "pretend" lectures. I have a large dry erase board on my bedroom wall. If I across a topic that is difficult for me to comprehend, I then use the dry erase board to pretend I'm giving a lecture about the topic. After I study the topic quietly (reading/memorizing), I go to the board and write down the main points and talk out loud, as if I'm teaching it to someone. Yes, it sounds kinda silly, but pretending to teach the material really helps the difficult concepts stick for me.

I find the dry erase board to be helpful when im studying nursing math. Its much easier to write the problem out and erase if you make mistakes with out wasting so much paper when practicing.

I teach pretend lectures.

This was an amazing method for me to use when learning EKGs, sepsis and hemodynamics.

I graduated almost a year ago and still do this when I feel there is something I need to understand better.

I have suggested this several times here at AN and in person.

Sometimes my kids were around when I did this and my 14 year-old son discovered he was fascinated by EKGs and my 13 year-old daughter discovered she was fascinated by the immune system.

My kids have also learned that they can work things through with their own homework this way and we all have very interesting discussions about what we are learning.

On the down side, my ex-husband told everyone I was "crazy" because I "talked to myself"...:rolleyes:

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I don't have room for a big one could you use a smaller one? Like 2X2 or something? do you write out everything, or just the things you need to remember? This sounds like an interesting way to study for sure. I may try it!

I actually use more than one size. I have one small enough to fit in my backpack - maybe 9 x 12(?) - as well as a larger one that is more like 18-24" wide by 30-36" long. I also go to campus to use group study rooms or empty classrooms with the large boards.

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I love the idea of "pretending to teach" the material you are trying to understand. I never used a white board, but I have always learned by mentally explaining it -- pretending to teach -- in my head. Explaining something, teaching it, forces you to organize your thoughts about it and focus your attention on the identification of key concepts and the relationships between those concepts. Using a white board and pretending to teach sounds like a great idea to me.

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I used the white dry erase board for intermediate algebra, and college algebra and I got A's in those classes. This Summer I am taking a dosage calc class, what I do is write down the problems I am having trouble with over and over until I learn how to work the problems out. It's alot better than wasting tons of notebook paper. This way forces you to learn and retain the info quicker.

I'm so glad you mentioned the dry erase boards! I must get one! While taking A&P II, in order to study for lab exams, I'd take my camera with me to lab, take pictures of what the actual thing looked like, then go home print them out and make notecards similar to quiz cards for myself. I like to draw, so I would draw diagrams over and over. I also give pretend lectures. Haha. I thought I was weird, but apparently, it's not as uncommon as I thought. I start my program in the fall and I think I'll get a big dry erase board!! My husband and kids are going to be hearing some more lectures. Haha.

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Since this post is full of white board lovers, anyone know how to get something uneraseable off of one?

I had an issue with one of our dry erase markers - it stopped being erasable and there's writing stuck on every white board in the house!

Since this post is full of white board lovers, anyone know how to get something uneraseable off of one?

I had an issue with one of our dry erase markers - it stopped being erasable and there's writing stuck on every white board in the house!

Have you tried solutions like 90 to 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or the commercial cleaner? I've had some luck with using a fresh marker over old marker, then erasing the fresh marker.

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