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    How To Get Your First Nursing Job!!

    Okay. I like this article it gave me some good starting points. Only I have a complication. I am a primary caregiver for an elderly parent that has been having TIA's since I was in my second year of nursing school. I graduated May 2013. I studied and took my NCLEX 5 times finally passing the 5th time, a year and a half after graduation, December, 2014. I have since filled out hundreds of applications, and have yet to even recieve an interview. I am 25, with no real world work experience longer than 6 months, and I am in desperate meed of a job. Now in school the instructors always told us to never mention a sick family member or child, that NM, HR, whomever is doing your interview wouldn't hire you. But since being out of school, I have had a woman who works for the unemployment office tell me to put on a resume that I have been volunteering for the last two years as a caregiver/sitter type person for an elderly patient who suffers from TIA's. And Another RN tell me that I should include that I have been the primary caregiver for an elderly parent for two years while I studied for NCLEX. Which avenue should I take? Or do you recommend an altogether different approach? Also I have called about an interview before and the HR in charge of hiring told me that I needed to get a job before my two year mark was up, which it just came up and no job yet. Her reasoning is because hospitals don't want to hire new grads if they've been out of school for two years. I asked her what about the fact that I didn't take my NCLEX for a year and a half? She said that doesn't matter. You'd been out of school a year and a half and you didn't take your NCLEX? I didn't really want to tell her I took it five times and was finally successful, thought that wouldn't look too good either. So I told her: I was the primary caregiver for an elderly parent (I didn't mention mom was non-ambulatory, or the fact that the sibling who came down here for five months is untrustworthy, so I wind up doing everything myself anyways. And because I don't have a job I do not have the money to hire a sitter.) Anyways the HR's response. "That doesn't matter all anyone who looks at your resume is going to see is the two years you've been out of school and haven't had a job." Point blank. What do I do? I could use some advice. I also informed the woman that once I passed NCLEX I applied for financial aid, and have already enrolled and completed five classes towards my RN-BSN, and that I was still continuing school, she again told me "No one that looks at your resume will care and they will be unikely to hire you because you haven't had a job." Now correct me if I'm wrong, you can't work as a NURSE until you have a NURSING LICENSE right? How was I suppposed to get a job if I had no license, not to mention we had to scrape and scrounge each time I took the NCLEX and it was devastating and I felt like a loser everytime I failed, that I wouldn't be able to care for my mom, and she was going to get horrible bedsores, or die from malnutrition because we couldn't afford to eat simetimes. I've gone to bed without food so I can make sure she gets something to eat. And I keep getting rejection letter after rejection letter. What can I do to fix this? Should I redo my resume? I do a cover letter for each facility I apply for. About a month ago I applied for a RN position in a pediatric dr's office, and in my cover letter I stated I was continuing my education for my BSN then I wanted my master's so I could become a pediatric Nurse practitioner, and stay with that company. I called for weeks, and finally the doctor told the office manager she wouldn't hire me because I'd stated I was continuing my education. Seriously when is going to school a turn-off fora job? I'm getting desperate. I feel like a failure, and I feel stuck in a rut and I could use something anything. I need some advice. What should I do as a number one fix..... I don't think I usually post whiney posts. But I've had it and I'm a little desperate. I'm about a half hour outside the Dallas Fort Worth Area, could that have something to do with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey All Nurses! I've got some more questions I could use some advice on. I've recently applied to the GYN Internship for February 2015. I am a new RN. I graduated in May 2013, passed NCLEX December, 2014, and I have a strong passion for several different areas, I would be thrilled for an opportunity in any of them. NICU, Pediatrics, Women's Services. I've also been interested in ER. BUT since this post is for GYN I'll get to the point. They opened the post for like three days, and when I called with a few questions, I was informed that there was only one or two positions available. Anyways, it seemed like it was open from about Tuesday through Thursday, I applied Thursday morning and by Friday the post was closed. I'm trying not to get too excited here, as I have a tendency to count my chickens before they've hatched a lot. But I'm having my official transcript sent to me Monday morning. And I'll call another Instructor at the school for a Letter of Recommendation on Monday too. I'll probably go by there and pick up an unofficial transcript just in case. When I called the HR they told me that if I was selected I'd have to interview fast within the next week or so. And since they have a list of things they'd like completed I figured that it would be best to have everything as complete as I can. Now I've applied for at least 20+ jobs, most of them internships. And I have yet to receive a callback. I would like to post a resume and cover letter for this particular position, and let me know if you think my resume is the reason I'm not getting any callbacks, particularly my job history. I wasn't a huge worker when I was in school, because well I was in school. And when my grades were slipping I chose to quit working and concentrate on raising my grades. On the resume, 90% of the schooling listed was completed at the same college (the stuff in bold). My LVN was completed after I graduated with my RN as a way to help those of us who couldn't work as an RN make some money. I got my RN and haven't gone back to sit for my LVN Boards yet. Resume: I am a newly registered nurse seeking to expand my clinical workforce experience in the rapidly growing healthcare industry. Education: RN to Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing, , , TX, (January, 2015) Continued Prerequisites for Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing, , , TX, (July, 2014 – December, 2014) Licensed Vocational Nursing Program, , , TX (July, 2014) Associate's Degree of Nursing, , , TX (August, 2011-May, 2013) Patient Care Technician Course, , , TX (January-April, 2010) Prerequisites for RN Program, , , TX (August, 2008-December, 2009) High School Diploma, High School, , AZ (May, 2008) Certifications: BLS Healthcare Provider (February, 2014- February, 2016) Texas Nursing License #XXXXXX (December, 2014 – June, 2016) Work History: Home Health, CNA/Home Aide, , TX (August, 2011-December, 2011) CNA/Attendant Work Private Duty, , TX (February, 2011-June, 2011) Volunteer History: Hospital, Women's Services, , TX (September, 2010-February, 2011) Volunteer Work, , TX (January, 2009-December, 2009) On the work history: Should I leave it all on there? None of the positions were even 6 months. The volunteer positions were six months. the one in Women's services was 6 months and theyh closed down the hospital. Should I even have them all on there? I did a cover letter also. I think I can leave it mostly in since I posted the hospital. I'll just take out the really identifying stuff. Cover Letter: 1-8-2015 (Hospital information) To Whom It May Concern, I am writing in regards to a position posted on the Texas Health Resources at Dallas Presbyterian web page, requiring a New RN Graduate for your Versant Residency GYN Program. I believe I am an ideal candidate for the position in question because I graduated in May 2013, and have recently passed my NCLEX RN Examination in December 2014, and am continuing my education with University of Texas at Arlington to obtain my Bachelor's in Nursing. I completed my Level II Clinical Rotation at (a THR Hospital), and I also completed my Level IV Preceptorship on Women's Services at (the same above mentioned THR Hospital). Texas Health Resources is a hospital that values compassion, integrity, excellence and respect. During my schooling, I valued all four principles for my patient care. Excellence for care became a top priority as I learned to critically think and understand the rationale behind every action I preformed thereby enhancing my patients safety. In working with handicapped children at (Volunteer Job 1 year long), and again for (Both paid employers 4 month jobs), I valued compassion and respect that every individual is just that: a unique individual that deserves our respect and compassion. For each person we touch and each person who touches our lives is here to teach us something so unique, for the purpose that we can learn from them, and use that to enhance every patient we encounter in the future. I believe all of these beliefs enhance our combined mission; making our community a brighter, happier, and healthier community. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you regarding my application for this position. I firmly believe that my collective work experience, values, and beliefs would make me an excellent admission into your Versant Residency Program. Sincerely, My name, RN I tried to format this to their mission and values without giving away too much because I do want them to select me for an interview. Now I'm wondering if I should have said more, or been more specific? And I just realized, I didn't even mention my volunteer time on Women's services…. Shoot. Have I lost the position what do you guys think? Now I'm really anxious. Do you guys think this is a good set? Or am I not likely to get a call? Now for some questions about the actual position. It says GYN. I took that to mean women's services. Am I mistaken? Is it actually Gynecology, Surgery, infertility, and such or will it be a mixture (Gynecology and Women's Services)? I feel that I would be a better fit for a women's services, fertility, gynecology, newborn nursery, or even NICU position anyways. My mom was an L/D nurse since she started nursing in '68, and now I'm following in her footsteps with hopefully the same range of a specialty. I'm not particularly picky about where I start out, what I've listed here is such a broad range (at least it seems so to me), I feel confident I can get a position in one of the above mentioned specialties if I can just get an offer. I have the Women's services experience as a tech, and for my preceptorship, but will they think I'm a good fit for an actual job? I would really appreciate any and all feedback on this matter possible. If anything is really identifying and someone on here manages to read this and automatically knows who I am, shoot me a message, haha! Thanks in advance guys and I am sorry for the long post.
  3. Am I a new graduate? Can I apply for residency positions and internships? Should I apply for anything and everything even if the money isn't good, our state hospital 5 mins from my house offers 17.50 for a new grad RN. I really want to do pediatrics which mostly means Dallas area. Do I need to specif on my resume that I didn't pass NCLEX for a year and a half after I graduated, therefore I didn't work, I just took care of my mom at home. Should I put the date of graduation then the date I actually passed NCLEX RN? During the year and a half of trying to pass NCLEX, I didn't work my moms health has seriously deteriorated and I couldn't work, because we wouldn't have had the money to get any one to help her out. Another concern on my resume, I have had in the past sporadic jobs. I worked PRN for a HH agency as a CNA, for about four months. I also did part time taking care of a little boy with CP for about 6 months. I did a full year of volunteer work at a therapeutic riding center for disabled children. I did about four or five months in a hospital as a labor and delivery tech. on a volunteer basis (until the unit was shut down.). Should I include any of these positions on my resume or applications? Could they be why I'm not being hired? Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone. I' extremely excited to now officially join your ranks and post my first post as a new RN (Not really my first post, but my first one as a nurse). Little bit of background: I am not exactly a new nurse graduate, I graduated in 2013, and have finally passed my exam a year and a half later (12/09/2104). Question one: Should I apply for New Grad Internships/Residencies? Or Should I go for any job offer available and not worry about an internship (I'm not even sure they'll hire me because I'm not technically a new grad)? Now when filling out applications, I've never done a cover letter on a application. Do you all think it has really ever tipped the scales in our favor in regards to getting an interview? I never would have thought so before, however I'm tempted to change my mind now. Not that I have very many self studies to go on. Also in the past I have never had anyone ask for letters of recommendation at any point. So is there a way I can sneak them in online? Maybe when I'm filling in the Cover Letter or resume bits? Any help that would help me to get an interview would be greatly appreciated!
  5. EarthhAngel2013

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    Took my NCLEX RN yesterday for my fifth time, and so far according to the tentative PVT and it hasn't been wrong for anyone in my class. I passed. I don't care, I'm doing my happy dance. I had about 26 sata and a major load of priority questions, and I felt like I knew nothing about anything on the exam!!!
  6. EarthhAngel2013

    Any nurses previous pts?

    I'm considering NICU as a NCLEX Passer. (Can't really say new grad as I've graduated almost a year and a half ago and have struggled with passing NCLEX. The next one is in three days, and I'm so gonna kick it in the butt!) I was a preemie, born at 23 weeks and five or so days. I weighed 1 pound 8 ounces and spent the first 6 months of my life in the NICU at Good Samaritan. I WANT to do this. I feel like I could have been a veggie, and I came out the other side perfectly intact, no developmental delays, or physical deficits, while my best friend was born a month early and has cerebral palsy. So go figure. I just would like to know, should I share any of this in an interview? Or is that way too personal?
  7. EarthhAngel2013

    Average Review Scores Please

    Yeah I know the feeling lol. I always counted my SATA and the others by keeping a tally on my board, cause I wanted to know how good I was doing.... But it honestly never did help. I think this time I'm not even gonna bother lol.
  8. EarthhAngel2013

    Average Review Scores Please

    Congrats man! My scores on NCSBN have been in the 60's. And I decided to up my test, I was going to test next Wednesday the 10th, now I've gotten tired of waiting, so I rescheduled it to Saturday the 6th. I'm happy you passed! That's awesome! How many SATA do you think you had?
  9. EarthhAngel2013

    Average Review Scores Please

    Try running your name through TBON. It's worked for all my friends.
  10. EarthhAngel2013

    Average Review Scores Please

    Waiting on pins an needles to hear how you did! I'm testing December 9th so I'm extremely nervous. I used Prep U in school and honestly hated it, I thought everything was all memorization level questions but I've never had scores anywhere near as high as yours. So maybe I should give it another shot..... But first I'll see how you did, so good luck and keep us posted!
  11. EarthhAngel2013

    Prioritization Principles

    So you're saying here, read the answer choices first? That's a different thought I've never had before. I must try this. Wow that's really a cool way of looking at things.
  12. EarthhAngel2013

    Parkland ER Residency Feb 2015

    Hmm. Weird. I got the email saying they were moving my application to the next level, then I got an email from ProveIt to do the Dosage Calculations exam, now I suppose I'm just waiting....
  13. EarthhAngel2013

    Parkland ER Residency Feb 2015

    I got an email to do the Dosage Calculations exam but, I can't say for sure that I haven't been selected for an interview because I'm out of phone service until tomorrow. But so far it's just the Dosage Calculations exam, which I plan on doing tonight.
  14. EarthhAngel2013


    I've taken my time to review through NCSBN, because I want to give myself the best opportunity to pass, and I'm secretly terrified I'm going to fail it again. My test is scheduled Dec. 9th, and I have until November 28th to complete the rest of the content, I've ended up taking nine weeks to get through all the content, and I'm still only on Respiratory, and I'm busting my honey to get through all their questions, all while being a full time caregiver to an elderly mom. So I have time management issues. Not to mention she was a night nurse for about 50 years, and I'm currently on a daytime schedule so I can get all the day to day stuff done, it's probably taken me a lot longer to go through certain materials than it has others. I do feel like NCSBN and NCLEX are very similar in question style and format. And while taking my time to learn things, or relearn things, I feel more prepared than I have any of the other times I've taken NCLEX. I currently do not have the PDA LaCharity book. I've heard it is awesome, but I have no money to get it with at the present time. I might need to see if someone around me has it, or would be willing to split the cost with me or something. As for Hurst, I liked they're content review a lot as well. It took me five days to cover their review then I reviewed it the night before my exam. This time though I may do what an above poster said and spend a week or so going back over my Hurst materials.
  15. EarthhAngel2013


    I'm taking NCSBN currently, and I like it a lot. I've read through everything and am doing all the questions they offer and making notes from those and really working to understand the content. I feel like it is helping very much. but I won't know for sure until test day will I. My opinion take it. I took Kaplan hated it and failed NCLEX. Hurst liked it and still failed NCLEX. The Illustrated Study Guide book for NCLEX, and the review they offered, and failed NCLEX. Then a combination of all of those things and still failed NCLEX. Now I'm getting ready to go for my FINAL time, my fifth time. And I feel like NCSBN has done their best to prepare me for the job. Even better I feel as though I've done my best to prepare me for my job.
  16. EarthhAngel2013

    How I conquered the NCLEX-RN?

    I'm about 7 days out and only on the cardiology section of lesson 8 and my session expires in four days. I am debating whether I should just skip it and do the questions or should I try to cram it all in and chase myself. Or option three extend th course and try to get as uch done by the ninth and if I need more time reschedule my exam.... Decisions decisions....