Pediatric Home Health Nurse- Advice Needed


Hopefully I'm in the right spot. I am experienced with pediatric HH. Have been doing it for two years now, I still only do Gb though, everytime I've tried to step up my training the trach cases are too far away or they don't have a trach case for a permanent position. I haven't tried vent mostly cause I'm not comfortable with Trach yet. My pt who I've been with a year and a half at this point, they're losing nursing with the messed up Medicaid regulations (or lack thereof). I am going to miss the pt and family, but I can't help but feel this has come at an opportune time. I am going back to school (RN-BSN) after some time out of school. I was working 50+hrs/week, and caring for my elderly mom and my last semester my step dad had a heart attack, I failed four classes. Things got hectic and I was just trying to keep everything paid for and the three of us out of debt. Took a year-ish off of school. Now I'm ready to go back and do my best. Hopefully I can get those grades forgiven. (GPA is in the toilet!) I don't want to get stuck in home health. I want to work in a hospital. Why go back for my BSN if I don't want to work in a hospital is kinda the way that I see it. I am not yet done with my degree, but I have no hospital experience I went into HH straight after NCLEX. Do I have a shot at getting a job in a hospital? Thanks in advance nurses!

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I know plenty of people who made the transition from PDN peds to the hospital.


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I graduated with my BSN in 2015 and went straight to a pediatric home health as well but this specific agency didnt have enough hours for me and I ended up doing a new grad program in labor and delivery. I absolutely hated it. It wasn't for me but I definitely learned a lot regarding protocols, prioritization, emergency medicine, how to delegate, start IV's, manage medication administration and scheduling, learning multiple doctors wants and needs, charting etc, something that I know HH would've never taught me. Fast forward 8 months and I had had enough. This specific hospital had horrible standards of care and took no interest in actually caring for their patients needs at the most precious time in their lives. So I broke my contract and went back to pediatric home health (at a different organization) and absolutely love it. I too am only doing GB for now because even though i have LD experience and have delivered babies...these children are in my hands ALONE and I feel like I need to build my confidence level up before I advance to trachs and vents. This is just my opinion and how I work but going back to your original question I absolutely believe you would be of value at a hospital. Your working Alone, and can tackle both parents and children with rare diseases with which most are terminal. Play up your responsibilities and what you have learned in HH especially educating the family. I would also suggest getting certified (if you aren't already) in ACLS/PALS/NRP because most hospitals require this now at a BSN level or magnet hospital