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Hi! Im new to allnurses forum. I am a rn with a bsn from usa. I am intrested in nursing to australia. I have done numerous research on getting a visa and applying to the nursing board of the state i want to practice. I was considering sydney, after reading the blogs other cities seem very intresting as well. Any suggestions? I enjoy the beach, outdoors, nightlife, easy going people, shopping. I want to start in january 2010, very nervous about this adventure. Im intrested in working for 6 months to a year, so im still debating on which visa i want to apply for. I am also trying to find a agency to help me, has anybody used oxley? Any suggestions would be awesome and thankful. Feel free to email privately. Thanks a bunch.

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Several other posts you can read in the forum. You don't need an agency - you can apply directly to hospitals.

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I dont know what state i want to apply to. My heart was set on sydney, then started reading on the blogs about negative aspects of sydney. This will be my first time overseas, im traveling alone, i need avaliablity to decent housing and public transportation. So i dont know if sydney would be a good choice for a beginner traveler.

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I think every state has issues with public transportation. Housing, depending on your budget, is "decent" in both Sydney and Melbourne (I can't speak to the other cities as I haven't lived anywhere else in Aus). Public transport is okay in both, although there are issues in both. This is resolved by living near where you work.

Personally, if I was coming from overseas for a short term experience, I'd live in Sydney. It's more beautiful, lovely to live in, although more expensive. Melbourne is a better place to live, in my opinion, but lacks the "wow factor" of Sydney.


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Welcome to allnurses!

There are a number of threads comparing Australian capital cities so have a read and post if you have unanswered question.

Congrats on your decision to move down here, particularly without previous travel experience - pretty ballsy!

Bear in mind that starting in January puts you in direct competition with grads - this year, at my hospital at least, there have been a lot of grads hired with little attrition of existing staff, leaving no spots for more experienced staff seeking work.


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Australia will soon have a national nursing register, so hold off on registering if you can. However, once you are registered in one state, it is not very difficult to get registered in another. As previously said, you do not need an agency. They may hinder you more than they help you. Don't overlook Brisbane as it is a great place too and I hear nice things about Adelaide and Perth...

Good luck


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Sydney is a great place, a bit expensive compared with other cities.

Brisbane is lovely too, not quite as expensive.

If you are really looking for adventure consider the Northern Territory and Darwin or Alice Springs :nuke:


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I would suggest working in a State Hospital until you become used to the difference in work practice. I worked with an American General Nurse in a country hospital at Port Pirie in South Australia and a couple of Americans working in Mental Health in Adelaide. The first year or so can be sharp learning curve.

Once you feel confident that you are on top of Australian work practice, then just work your way around the various States with an agency. Adelaide is not a bad place to start as it is cheaper, and easier to get around, then Melb or Sydney. While South Australia might be at the receiving end of Serial Killer jokes, at least there are no No-go areas and it is safe to walk the city at night.

If you are interested in Mental Health, then anywhere but South Australia.

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Advice from someone who has lived and worked in several other states (city and country)in Australia, and travelled extensively overseas ...........

If you want class, quality and affordability ........... South Australia is the place!

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I have to say mobility around Sydney was easy. I travelled there back in the late 80's and had no problem. Granted I was only there for vacation but I didn't find it hard to get around. It is expensive but I'm sure the salary will make up for the increase in cost of living. Do it! I'm jealous. :clphnds:


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hello everyone.. it's my dream to work in aus.. however i'm inexperienced.. im planning to take the cas soon. what type of hospital would you suggest for an overseas beginner nurse. thanks!


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if u are looking for an staff is good..they were very professional and helpful...good luck with applyin to Australia...

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