Unexpected hug- and a shake, too

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I'm not really sure, but I might have experienced a "sign from God" \_Fate, Whomever today

Having a less- than - stellar first couple of weeks at New job. Various reasons. Was feeling down today, just going through motions, thinking a lot about quitting\_my next move, etc

One of the " known to be difficult " patients hugged me while in the clinic. I was so startled; we barely have interacted.

Also- a co-worker got me a MickeyDees shake! Lol yes I know that sounds childish of me to be so happy over that ; but I'm severely LI and I had it anyway ( had Lactaid in my purse).

May be these are signs?

This is , essentially, my first " new job" in 14 years , not counting a 6- month break i had from my long term employer in 2012...

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Nice to get unexpected boosts, either verbal or in the form of a shake!

One day at a time.

You must be making a difference!

Carry on!

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Ha, I was picturing you getting a hug, then getting your shoulders shaken or some thing,lol

Glad you had a good day !

I, too, thought of a physical shake and not a McDonald's shake... but gosh, now I want a milkshake too... and some fries.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

Those wonderful moments can outshadow the negative when we allow it. I remember being chewed out by a pt in one room, nit letting it phase me much because I knew my next pt encounter was going to be great. The good outweighed the bad. (Until staffing took a dive and no amount of niceness could outweigh how bad it got.)

Some of the best moments can come from those notoriously grumpy patients, I swear. I remember a patient, who, with my very 1st interaction with him, tried to kick me out of his room asking for a different nurse. I apologized and asked for a fresh start. Years later, and I still remember his grumpy butt quite fondly.

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I thought this was going to be a thread on how to handle unwanted touching. Not only a hug, but the a vigorous shake! Should I file a complaint?

Glad it uplifted your spirits!

Well more hugs have followed and im seeing that he hugs many freely ; but I'm choosing to still feel like the Speshul Sneauxflaque that I am.

í ½í±¸

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