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Hey guys! There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for the UCD new grad program (application opened today) so I thought I would start it. I filled out the application today and it seemed very basic in terms of new grad apps (no place to request certain units) and I was a little worried about the document attachment section. In the beginning of the application there is a page to attach our one document resume with all the necessary materials (resume, transcripts, cover letter, etc). I attached a PDF, and it said it successfully attached, but there is no way to go back and review the upload so of course i'm stressing over whether it was really attached! :) If anyone else wants to chime in with their experience I would be grateful. And good luck everyone!

Don't worry about when it says routed, I applied for the spring round this year and everyone's said routed at/around the same time. It didn't have any correlation to getting a call for an interview unfortunately. Fingers crossed this time!

Good luck everyone. I also applied and haven't heard anything back yet.

Thank you for creating the group. I also have applied and my application says 020-Appl. Wishing everyone the best.

I heard we will be called in for interviews in mid to late December. We're getting there!

Thanks so much for making this thread! Still waiting too. Am supposed to start a job late January but I'd SO rather work at UC Davis - Fingers crossed....

So happen to check my application status today (haven't checked in awhile) and mine has changed to 050-Route :)

Thank you for the heads up! Just checked my application status and mine has also changed to 050-Route! Fingers crossed for everyone!

Mine was also finally "routed".

Was contacted by NICU on 12/15. Have interview scheduled!

When is your interview?

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Alicia Hunter said:
I attached a PDF, and it said it successfully attached, but there is no way to go back and review the upload so of course I'm stressing over whether it was really attached!

There's enough legit stress to be found in the process; don't add any more. If it said it successfully attached then it successfully attached.

I've applied for several jobs at UC Davis and I've never had the system fail in that way.

Specializes in Med-Tele; ED; ICU.

And regarding the status, it doesn't mean much.

"Route" just means that it's been sent to the hiring manager; any application that meets the basic requirements gets routed.

It will stay "route" until the position is filled... even if you interview and even if you are hired for the spot. It doesn't change until someone, even you, is actually hired.

As frustrating as it is, there's no way to monitor what's going on... you just have to wait. Once you have an interview, you *might* be able to contact the hiring manager via e-mail, but only if they provide their e-mail address and say that it's ok to do so.

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