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Hey guys! There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for the UCD new grad program (application opened today) so I thought I would start it. I filled out the application today and it seemed very basic in terms of new grad apps (no place to request certain units) and I was a little worried about the document attachment section. In the beginning of the application there is a page to attach our one document resume with all the necessary materials (resume, transcripts, cover letter, etc). I attached a PDF, and it said it successfully attached, but there is no way to go back and review the upload so of course i'm stressing over whether it was really attached! :) If anyone else wants to chime in with their experience I would be grateful. And good luck everyone!

The ED is not hiring new grads this year.

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AggieMEPN said:
The ED is not hiring new grads this year.


Peds made calls this morning

hi everyone! congrats on interviews for those who have had them! My application still says route. Waiting waiting. When I spoke to the recruitment guy he said to be prepared to receive a call to interview anytime between now and mid February.

Has anyone heard from them in the new year?

For those that got an interview, how many days in advanced did they call you before your scheduled interview day?

I was told that they started making call now.

I got called to interview 1/1 for the burn unit. My interview was 1/5. They said it would take a week to know if I got the position or not. Has anybody else had any updates?

Has anyone received calls from the med surge units yet?

I did my senior internship on Med/Surg Trauma but want peds/NICU. Has anyone heard from either of these units?

Did my senior preceptorship in peds med/surge, has anybody heard from the peds units yet?

Thank you!

Both Peds and NICU have done their interviews, and at least NICU Aja's made job offers.

If you did med surg your application is unlikely to have made it to the Peds or NICU unit's, unless you also did an externship on one of those floors. HR forwards applications to units based on preceptorship and student nurse externships.

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