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Hey guys! There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for the UCD new grad program (application opened today) so I thought I would start it. I filled out the application today and it seemed very basic in terms of new grad apps (no place to request certain units) and I was a little worried about the document attachment section. In the beginning of the application there is a page to attach our one document resume with all the necessary materials (resume, transcripts, cover letter, etc). I attached a PDF, and it said it successfully attached, but there is no way to go back and review the upload so of course i'm stressing over whether it was really attached! :) If anyone else wants to chime in with their experience I would be grateful. And good luck everyone!

AggieMEPN said:
Both Peds and NICU have done their interviews, and at least NICU Aja's made job offers.

If you did med surg your application is unlikely to have made it to the Peds or NICU unit's, unless you also did an externship on one of those floors. HR forwards applications to units based on preceptorship and student nurse externships.

Have the ICUs finished interviews?

The only ICUs that I know of that were hiring for february round were NICU and Burns, both of which have done interviews and extended offers.

AggieMEPN said:
The only ICUs that I know of that were hiring for February round were NICU and Burns, both of which have done interviews and extended offers.

Do you know of any ICUs that are hiring for April?

Have they done any interviews for the April cohort yet?

Some units have already given offer.

PICU made calls today for late February for the April cohort!

Does anyone know if they're done interviewing/hiring for both February and April cohorts?

I never heard anything at all after submitting my application. No interview but also no rejection.

Did you guys just use the "External Applicants" portal to apply? I keep worrying that I will miss the job posting because it will be posted somewhere I am not sure of.

The applications for the current cohorts (starting February and April 2018) were due in November.

If you are interested in applying for the 2 cohorts later in the year, yes, you apply under "External Applicants" on the UCD Health jobs portal. I'd suggest making an account and creating a "job Search Agent" for the "RN-New Grad" category to be notified when they open. There's also info about the date the next application opens on the New Grad Residency page Nurse Recruitment | UC Davis Health System Human Resources

The next cohorts (for August and October) accept application May 2-9 according to the website.

I've accepted a position on the PICU for the April cohort! I know the ICU float pool has also offered positions.

I've taken the liberty of creating a Facebook group for our cohort! Search for "UC Davis New Grad Residency Cohort 24"! I found a FB group helpful when I was starting nursing school in a new city, and figure it will be helpful for us, as well.

Best of luck to everyone!

Did anyone get an interview or position without a Senior Preceptorship? My program does not have them anymore...

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