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Hey guys! There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for the UCD new grad program (application opened today) so I thought I would start it. I filled out the application today and it seemed very basic in terms of new grad apps (no place to request certain units) and I was a little worried about the document attachment section. In the beginning of the application there is a page to attach our one document resume with all the necessary materials (resume, transcripts, cover letter, etc). I attached a PDF, and it said it successfully attached, but there is no way to go back and review the upload so of course i'm stressing over whether it was really attached! :) If anyone else wants to chime in with their experience I would be grateful. And good luck everyone!

So I can only speak to what the nurse recruiter that spoke to my class told us about the program: HR forwards applications to units based on where they did their preceptorship (some programs call it a practicum), *or* where they worked as a student nurse extern. I'd suggest calling Nurse Recruitment to ask about your particular situation. And report back here so people with the same question will know!

Maybe also ask if volunteering on a particular unit would be helpful in lieu of a preceptorship?

Finally, I also know that unit managers can request specific applications (but I don't know if there are restrictions to that), so if there's a unit at the hospital you'd like to work on, try booking up with the manager!

Hello, i just applied for the next cohort, to the people that got in, how do you like the program??

Hello Everyone,

I plan to apply after I complete this last semester. I spoke to the recruiter about ways to distinguish myself from other applicants and he mentioned internships, and gpa. I was wondering what was considered a competitive gpa. For those who got into the program, what were you guys averaging (if you don't mind sharing)? It's somewhat hard to tell if I'd even have a chance...

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