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when did u graduate? take boards?


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hello New Nurses!

I am a new grad, december 07!!!! I am a little frustrated with my school of nursing because they arent allowing us to take boards until after taking a review course. I feel like I am just at a standstill, we cant even work a s GN's. they will not submit any paperwork for the state until after completing our course.

I was wondering if any of you had an idea as to when I may be sitting for boards. My review class is over on 1/22. I am praying that on the last night of my kaplan review, they will hand us our certificates of completion so that I can take everything to my scool the next day.

ok, so back to my question. When did you graduate and when did you take boards? ijust would like a general idea of how long the process is. I am worried sick that I wont be taking boards until March, when I gradauted n December......


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Congratulations on your graduation!!!

I graduated the end of May 06 and took the boards in July 06. We had a review course built into our curricululm the last three weeks of our senior year which helped us out tremendously. Good luck to you!


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thank you suzy253! it would have made great sense if our school built a review course into our curriculm. we did take an ATI predictor though.

I graduated 12/05, took a short review course, studied for several weeks after that & took boards 02/05.

Try not to get discouraged, just hit the books & study until it's time for the boards. Wishing you the best of luck!


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vernRN- i guess thats all i can do... lol thanks!

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Congratulations on your graduation. I graduated in Nov 06, received my authorization to test 2 weeks later, and took the NCLEX the first week of Dec 06. We had a review class during finals week the last quarter before we graduated. We were all in our senior practicum so we didn't have finals. I read the Kaplan strategies book twice, it was very helpful.


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we had a review built in to our program also. Our actual grad date was dec 13 and I tested on dec 17th but our last day of school was actually before thanksgiving. For my LPN boards it was about a month also before I recieved all of my paperwork and ATT. we finished on april 27 and I tested on may 25. GOOD LUCK


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thanks for the responss so far. you guys are great! my actual graduation date is Jan 15, even though we finished finals 12/13. based on jjt's response, maybe i will be taking boards around 2/15????

do you all reminber how long the BON tooks to do their part of the paperwork. I know the ATT can be emailed nowadays... I am not sure how long correspondence from the state takes

Hi and welcome to nursing, I am new to this site and have 2yrs. exp. I graduated in May and took my boards in July some of my fellow students had the boards right after the review class ended. Well good luck to ya.

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do you all reminber how long the BON tooks to do their part of the paperwork. I know the ATT can be emailed nowadays... I am not sure how long correspondence from the state takes

I don't know how promptly my school sent the paperwork to the BON, but I graduated November 17th and got my ATT via email on December 5th, and tested on December 26th (could have tested earlier but I was on vacation and wanted a few weeks straight to study). Once you get the ATT you can schedule the exam, but if you graduated with a whole bunch of people the date you want may fill up quickly.


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thanks everyone! since i wont have my review over until Jan22, I hope and pray that I will be testing in Febuary sometime.

congrats to all the new nurses! I cant wait to "officially" join this forum

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