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  1. It really bothers me when people want to be a nurse just for the money! For one 1/2 of them will make it through nursing school and the ones that do will not make it the field long at all, or they will try to get mangement jobs and just be nasty to work for. I have a sister in law who wants to be a NP, I was like yeah thats a really good job which it is but for to actually get there is slim to none. Some people are all talk about what they do and until you but your self through nursings school you do not know what it is like. I am a nurse and LOVE the pt interaction that I am making a difference in not just one life but there is always a child wife husband mother father that is appriciative of what I do. I get compensated for my work but I love what I do and wouldnt switch to a different job because of wage compensation.
  2. NoWaNrN

    How Old Are You?

    28 RN and have been a nurse for 6 years
  3. NoWaNrN

    Really undecided...I need help...Please!

    Thanks for the input it helps. I think I might want to change though. I just feel if I do I will really regret it. I guess I will not know until I make that choice.
  4. NoWaNrN

    New Grad why can't I get hired???

    I know this is probably not what you are wanting to hear but it might make you feel a little better. As a nurse that does hiring for the company I am employed for I want to make sure when I hire a new grad that I don’t have too many orientating already I want it to be a good experience for both the employee & the employer. We don’t want it to be a bad experience and when you take on new grads it a commitment to be able to show them everything thoroughly & accurately
  5. NoWaNrN

    Really undecided...I need help...Please!

    Well I was really hoping for a little insight.
  6. Ok a little back ground. I was an LPN worked in LTC (nursing home) went back for my RN. Out of school as an RN I went to a really big hospital in my area and took a FT day shift position on an ICU step down unit. I really did love my job, but I got pregnant and the 30-45 min drive was really exhausting after a 12hr shift. I did get some anxiety about the traumatic injuries I saw but I dont know if it was b/c I was pregnant and over emotional. I had to work so I went back to the LTC I have advanced very quickly and am now the ADON. I love my job and coworkers dearly where I am at and it is a really good position it is a job that I could stay at for a very long time maybe even retire from (not for a long time im in my 20s). I just feel like I will lose the skills I worked so hard to achieve. I by all means dont want pts coding on me but I love being able to help people like that I want to know that I made a difference and this person is alive b/c I played a part in that. My job now i do audits, scheduling, meetings nothing that feels like I make a difference. I could go into so many pros and cons about each job does any one have any other input to help me out? I thought about going PRN at a more local hospital but with being M-F I could only do the weekends and I have to have time for my family also.
  7. NoWaNrN

    How much RN's get paid in Dayton Ohio

    you might want to shop around, if you dont mind long term care alot of them are paying more than the hospitals. Around 25 and 26 dollars and hour then add shift diff if you work 2nd or 3rd.
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    2 of my friends and I went to Rets for our RN (we did our LPN somewhere else) there where many bumps in the road but it was managable. We all passed our NCLEX the first time around and got really good jobs at hospitals in Dayton, but what I hear from current students that I know it sounds like things have really went down hill. Alot of the problems every school has and as a student you dont realize it until your finished with school and talk with other recent grads they had problems also. I got hired on at MVH and when i was interviewing the lady told me I have been doing this for a long time, Rets is a new school and there are some kinks that need to be work out but so did the other older schools when they first started. Whatever school you go to good luck.
  9. NoWaNrN

    Hanging IV imuran (cytoxin)

    I was just wondering, I work on an advanced care unit. We do not get many "chemo" drugs at all. I just recently had to hang IV imuran, and then I found out I was pregnant. The day I hung the drug some people on our unit said pharmacy doesnt consider it a drug that we have to double glove gown and mask/sheild for but it is our hospital policy. Are there any oncology nurses out there that know more? I am just really concerned because I miss carried last year and it has taken this long to become pregnant again. Thank you if you have any knowledge of this. I am not asking for "medical advice" I plan to call my doctor tomorrow. Just didn't know if anyone had anything to state. Thanks
  10. NoWaNrN

    Bone Marrow Transplant unit

    When you get your interview as for a job shadow, alot of places like to hear you ask for this instead of getting to a unit and not liking it. You would really benifit from that and the nurses would probably be really willing to answer questions.
  11. NoWaNrN

    Future of LPNs

    I went for my LPN first then My RN, I did this so I could make more money working less hours while in school for my RN. I figured make 9 bucks an hour for 12 months then make 16-18 while I'm in school for my RN, vs making 9 for 4 years. Whatever is best for you n your family. Good luck
  12. NoWaNrN

    Just need to vent a little about my preceptor

    A lot of the times if you tell your manager of these situations they can help. Really her making you say please before she helps you could interfere with pt care. That really sucks she is treating you that way. Have you ever said any thing to her? You could simply say This is how I chart and I am giving the same info you would just in different wording. Who cares if it say mom or mother really? Any one would know who you were talking about.
  13. I also heard the pass rate decreases the longer you wait. Just out of curiosity why would you want to wait a year anyways?
  14. NoWaNrN

    Lpn pay rate for assisted living in ohio???

    15.00/hour around miami county.
  15. NoWaNrN

    Title war...

    I was an LPN before I became an RN, I worked my tail off as an LPN! I haven't started working on the floor in the hospital as an RN yet, But some LPN as well as RN's have big time management problems. RN can do so much more than LPN's can, but there are many LPN's that are smarted and have more sense than RN's. Take the time and learn from you peers RN, LPN, or APN.