what is a typical patient load like

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what is a typical patient load like

I don't work in LTAC but if you search on the LTACH forum you'll find many stories of ridiculous nurse to patient ratios. Like 1:8, full assist patients with trachs/vents, blood transfusions, TPN, complex wound care.

It sounds brutal! You'd learn a tonne though!

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Around 6-8 days.....depending on who you work for and acuity. These are sick patients. You will learn a TON but you will work very hard

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I had 26 one night...... this is LTC. Still a ridiculous amount.... there was no way I could finish, and I never even got a dinner break.

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The LTACH I worked for gave us 4-5 on days; sometimes we had 3 and an admit bed. I don't know how 6-8 works, b/c 4-5 was brutal. Especially in the big wound wing. Some of those dressing changes took 2 hours!

Work in SNF and I have at least 12-15 patients. Is this normal?

i have started work. I have my last day of training today. I have 16 patients its pretty brutal. but you do what you have to do.

I don't plan on staying here past a year this is just to get nursing experience.

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I had an interview at a ltac in North Carolina and the day shift typically had 5. Looking back on it, that would have been overwhelming for me as a new grad.

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I have worked at an LTAC for 7 years, and you either love it or hate it. I love that my patients stay for 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months depending on their issues. RNs tote 4-5 patients and LPNs tote 5-6. RNs can be 1:2 or 1:3 with vents or higher acuity patients. ICU nurses can't do what LTAC nurses do and vice versa. I love the variety of nursing skills required and time with the patients.

I've been working LTAC for 6 months on midnights and average 3-5 patients.

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I work at an LTACH with Med-Surg/Telemetry units and an ICU. No more than 1:5 for regular Med-Surg patients, and 1:4 if they are telemetry. Can be up to 10 if teamed up with an LVN. Up to 9 if a team with telemetry, but no more than 4 of those 9 can be telemetry. No more than 1:2 in our ICU.

P.S. I'm in California, so there are mandated ratios.

Days typically had 4, 5 was pushing it.... Ours were typically either trach/peg or complex wound care. On nights it was usually 5-6.

Charge took 1-3 depending on acuity. This was at a major for-profit LTACH.

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