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  1. Cindycin37

    Why did you choose to be an ICU Nurse?

    I was wondering how a Med/Surg nurse can make the transition to ICU? Is this possible? If so, how? Thanks:)
  2. Cindycin37

    Starting IVs

    I was wondering what area would be best to start IV. I was told to start at hand and work way up. Why is this? Also, what causes a vein to blow when inserting needle?
  3. Cindycin37

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    I'm thinking about pursuing an NP education. Right now, I'm working on RN to BSN. What is the best way to NP? I've worked as a floor nurse for a few months. Can someone give me some advice?
  4. Cindycin37

    50 Things New Nurses Need to Know about Orientation

    "But after 3 months of those, my preceptor said NO MORE, and we only took patients with lots of comorbidities, on multiple drips, etc., which are less familiar in PACU and require a lot more prioritization, critical thinking, and communication with t...
  5. Cindycin37

    Tell me about yourself....

    I'm preparing for an interview and for some reason I'm drawing a blank when it comes to the, "Tell me about yourself' question. I know that I should tell them about my education and what jobs I've had in the past but that's pretty much what comes to ...
  6. Cindycin37

    New to LTAC

    I think working in med surg will give some good experience before going to ICU. My friend who works in ICU from nursing school stated that she wish she had done that.
  7. Cindycin37

    Interview with Illinois Gastro Group

    Hi, I'm a nurse with some experience working at a GI office as a phone triage nurse (as a new grad) almost 2 years ago. I have an interview with Illinois Gastroenterology Group IGG, and I'm nervous because the its been awhile since I've done phone t...
  8. Cindycin37

    Residency Programs

    Please tell me what residency program this is:)
  9. Cindycin37

    Leaving the nurse profession

    I know sounds silly but I'm not really sure how LinkedIn can help me? I do have a linkedIn account and I have travel agency recruiters contacting me. I don't feel I have enough experience to do travel assignments. I'm afraid that I won't get the supp...
  10. Cindycin37

    new rn without working experience

    Have you considered an RN Refresher course?
  11. Cindycin37

    Leaving the nurse profession

    Would it be bad if I worked on my BSN fulltime and then reapplied to nursing positions after I graduate? I don't want to get stuck in SNFs:(
  12. Cindycin37

    Leaving the nurse profession

    I would love to have the opportunity of getting into a residency program. I'm not considered a new grad anymore:( I have 9 months of phone triage nursing and 6 months of SNF experience. My experience and training wasn't very good though. I don't fe...
  13. Cindycin37

    Leaving the nurse profession

    Please tell me what organizations offer new nurses the training they need to become competent nurses.
  14. Cindycin37

    stress...Will it get better?

    Wow......I just recently resigned from a SNF because of the patient load. I had 15-20 med surg patients with no support. My orientation was 3 weeks; I had to push for the 3 weeks. They wanted me on the floor in 1 week! My orientation was very choppy...
  15. Cindycin37

    Please explain this to me.....

    I'm going over fluid movement in capillaries in my med surg book and there is a statement in the book that says, "Capillary hydrostatic pressure and interstitial oncotic pressure move water out of the capillaries". How can interstitial oncontic pres...