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  1. mouseynurse

    Bullied by Charge Nurse? Or am I taking things to personally?

    If I hadn't gotten the okay to transfer to ICU when I did, my next phone call would've been to our RART team. Out of everything she did yesterday, that's what made me most upset. You want to screw with my day, go right ahead, I'm a big girl I can take it. But don't put my patients at risk...
  2. mouseynurse

    Bullied by Charge Nurse? Or am I taking things to personally?

    Thank you both for your comments. I don't want to sound like I'm 'defending' my position or tooting my own horn, but on the days when I work with any other charge nurse I am almost never behind. I just get suspicious when every time I work with her the luck of the draw is against me and only me.
  3. Hello All! I first want to say that the majority of the nurses I work with are very kind caring nurses who have done EVERYTHING possible to be helpful and supportive. We are on a VERY busy stepdown unit but we have amazing nurses and I am blessed to have started my career with such a wonderful team. However, there is one woman, a charge nurse, who has seemed to make it her life's mission to ruin my day. For example: Yesterday we were called 2 new patients, a transfer and an admit. She took the admission and gave me the transfer. Typically on our floor, transfers are ALOT easier to deal with than an admission, so I was kinda surprised that she gave me the transfer. This time the transfer was a train wreck and ended up being transferred to ICU within a few hours of being on my floor. The pt was started on a cardiac drip I'm not allowed to hang. (I can monitor them, but I'm not allowed to start them yet as I haven't finished all of my classes with the hospital, 2 more weeks! :) ) I asked her how we would handle it and she said she would start it and have me monitor, just like we've done several times. The issue? It took her 45 minutes to come start the drip. Normally I wouldn't be too upset about this, we're a busy unit. But I literally had to follow her around while she chit-chatted with dr's (not about anything to do with the patients) and played on her phone. Anytime I asked another nurse to start the drug she jumped up and said she was on her way back, took the drug from me, and sat back down. After 6-8 phone calls I finally got the dr to agree to an ICU transfer and we got her to the unit. I wouldn't think anything about it, except that later in the day I overheard her telling one of the aides that the patient she was supposed to get from the ER signed out AMA, but that she had expected that, the patient is in the ER frequently and ALWAYS signs out AMA. (her words exactly) I brushed it off and worked my butt off to get caught back up. With the transfer I had fallen behind on ALL of my other patients. Later in the day we had 2 more patients called, a transfer and an admit. At that time we had an LPN and an RN who were up for patients. In my state, LPN's cannot do the admission assessments. Who does she give the admission to? The LPN. One of my patients rooms was right in front of the nurses station. There were 3 other nurses sitting at the nurses station charting, I was standing outside my patients room getting ready to give meds. She proceeds to ask me to do the admission for the LPN. (To give an example of the wonderful team we have, 2 of the 3 nurses who were charting jumped up and grabbed the paperwork, they had the admission done by the time I had finished passing my meds) Up until yesterday I had always just brushed it off as me being taking things too personally and told myself that I just need to toughen up and get the job done. But yesterday 3 different people mentioned that the charge nurse was being especially hard on me. I guess I'm just not sure how to take this. I work my @ss off while I'm there, and yet all I ever get from her is snide remarks. My boyfriend says it's because I'm a super-nurse who is making a name for myself and she's threatened by that. It sounds nice (and made me feel better) but I'm not convinced... Any thoughts/advice?