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  1. thenightnurse456

    LPN who does not want to be an RN?

    There's nothing wrong with staying an LPN. But a lot people seek career advancement and higher salary through continued education.
  2. thenightnurse456

    Thank you, Joy Behar!

    Raven didn't say a word, clearly did not think they should be apologising and clearly did not want to be apart of this segment. I'm proud that our profession came together and spoke with one voice over this. ❤️
  3. thenightnurse456

    Thank you, Joy Behar!

    It wasn't even an apology to me. It was a "you guys weren't listening to what we were saying".
  4. thenightnurse456

    Thank you, Joy Behar!

    The View: a show run by women, for women, where we dedicate segments of our show to making fun of and scrutinising women.
  5. thenightnurse456

    "How are we doing today?"

    Can't stand it. "Sweet pea" "doll" "honey" "love"
  6. thenightnurse456

    Off duty RN scope of practice on an airplane.

    I have a friend who is a flight attendant. They are trained in basic life support. They also told me that in a mid flight medical emergency such as a cardiac arrest/seizure they always ask passengers if anyone is a doctor/nurse/medic to provide experience and direction. They do carry IV start kits however rely on there being someone onboard who can start an IV as they do not receive this training.
  7. thenightnurse456

    CRNA's in Australia

    We don't have CRNA in Australia. Nurses can work in anaesthetics in Australia which basically involves assisting the anaesthetist/anaesthesiologist. If you want to be the one administering the anaesthesia or you were interested in making a decent salary like US CRNAs do, I would suggest pursuing medical school.
  8. thenightnurse456

    I'm running away to PetSmart

    I once worked at a pet store and absolutely loved it. They didn't get much business so the store was always quiet. I got to play with puppies all day. Take me baaaaack!
  9. thenightnurse456

    Got fired as a grad

    My thoughts exactly! It's very hard for new graduates to just get fired in Australia "out of the blue". There's more to this story I think then is being told.
  10. thenightnurse456

    Got fired as a grad

    Wait and apply for the next round of new graduate intakes. Apply interstate and every hospital that is offering. It sounds very odd that this would come "out of the blue". As an Australian myself, I've found that the new graduates are very supported and hear early on if they are not cutting it on the wards. I'm sorry for your situation and I hope you find a new position that supports your learning.
  11. thenightnurse456

    RN diagnosis VS Medical diagnosis

    I don't like the phrase "nursing diagnosis". Why not "treatment plan" or something like that?
  12. thenightnurse456

    Doctors yelling

    I've reported hostile providers before to management and directors. 2 have had to apologise to me. They all have their excuses as to why they threw a tantrum. I don't care what letters you have in front of your name. Are you a grown adult? So am I. Show some respect and I'll do the same.
  13. thenightnurse456

    Will an EKG course be worth it?

    EKG interpretation is definitely a "use it or lose it" skill. I wouldn't spend the money if you were a CNA/EMT.
  14. thenightnurse456

    Why do Nurse Managers refuse to hire an Admissions/Discharge Nurse?

    It's a budget thing. If the manager is complaining about having to pay for overtime, they won't be hiring a nurse with the sole job of admitting and discharging patients. It makes sense to us because we don't have to meet a budget every year.
  15. thenightnurse456

    New grads in specialties without the basics

    Some flourish as grads in specialties, others fail. It's impossible to generalise, it's a case by case scenario. As for the obvious lack of training in Nursing school, it's frightening. I work with colleagues who were "hospital trained" nurses in the 80s. They told me when they graduated they were WORK READY. The idea of a new nurse not knowing skills like IV preparation still baffles some of them.
  16. thenightnurse456

    Robots assisting nurses?

    Robots that lift, turn and hoist so that nurses and CNAs stop hurting their backs. I know we have equipment already but... It's not a robot!