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  1. Why don't you just read the chart?

    Don't make it an "us" versus "them" argument. ED and the floor are both extremely busy and demanding areas. One isn't more important then the other.
  2. How to handle rude doctor

    It's the surgeon God complex. If you have genuine assessment questions that regard patient care and he yells/intimidates you- escalate it. Fill out a report. Go to your manager.
  3. Newly graduate Irish nurse moving to Australia

    From what Irish nurses have told me, nursing in Australia is much better. Better working conditions, pay, nurse to patient ratios. Plus the weather.
  4. Nurse practitioner

    The role of NP in Australia is different and restricted to that in countries like USA. Which is a shame, considering the massive need for NPs and the evidence that shows quality outcomes when NPs are involved. To become an NP in Australia is confusi...
  5. Night Nursing: Precepting & Perception

    Slay [emoji119][emoji122]
  6. Telemetry

    A lot of places don't require you to have ACLS to work on a telemetry floor, however being certified will make you more marketable when managers are reviewing your CV. Good luck.
  7. Night Nursing: Precepting & Perception

    "I don't want to disrespect night nurses, but they don't do anything" What kind of post is this? What do you want to be achieved from insulting a large group of people?
  8. New Grad... 7 months later and I hate my job in the PICU. What next?

    It sounds like it's nightshift you hate, not necessarily PICU. Have you talked to your manager about a possibility of changing to a day shift schedule? OR nursing is a COMPLETELY different type of nursing. It depends on which role you take: circulat...
  9. Nurses, do drop in! *VENT*

    1. This patient needed to be in ICU 2. The RT is out of line on everything. 3. A MD needed to review this patient and have a discussion with the family and patient regarding intubation, DNR etc.
  10. My preceptor is everything they taught us NOT to be...

    Nursing school and working as a nurse are two very different realities. Maybe try to mend the broken preceptor/new grad relationship. Or talk to your manager regarding what can be done on your behalf to improve.
  11. Code Black

    Greys was never thought to make it past season 1. It was an unexpected super hit. I imagine the writers brought in more ER scenes into the episodes as the show progressed; as they are a lot more dramatic and exciting for viewers. But how funny is i...
  12. How much trouble am I in?

    Hmm I think you'll be in trouble, even though I agree with what you did. The only thing I would have done differently were to maybe ask to speak to the charge nurse. But you're emotions and lack of sleep probably clouded your judgement, I get it. H...
  13. Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    My "oppressive" government took away my "freedom" by creating strict gun laws back in 1996 following a shooting massacre. There have been no massacres here since. It's just not fair, I have the right to carry a gun and protect others! I shouldn't h...
  14. Safe to take new admit at shift change

    It is unsafe, but it's the unfortunate reality of nursing. It's like this everywhere.
  15. Code Black

    I finally watched the first few episodes of "Code Black". Even though it's unrealistic, I like the high intensity action. I don't understand why the ER is so poorly lit?