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Troponin of greater than 300! What is the highest you have seen.


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I had a patient today with a trop of 353 which was an improvement from the greater than 600 he had in the days before. I have never seen a trop this high and I was just wondering if anyone else has and what was the number?

Whew. Thats a bigun. Well my highest was 98. So what was the outcome of the patient, was it a stemi or nstemi, or what was the course of their treatment. That kind of troponin would freak me out thinking the patient might blow a ventricle. Sheesh.


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:eek:Wow, I never seen any trop as high as those previously described. I think my highest was like 7 or 8 honestly. :idea:


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Uh, are you sure that the 300 is for troponin? Maybe it's the CK-MB? I've never heard of troponin levels that high.


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I saw a 42 once...but damn, 300?!?!


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Where does your lab place the decimal point? Ours start as .03 as normal and go up, with a .06 as "low positive" and I have seen a 72 once, pt died.


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I've seen them in the teens before, but nothing higher. Wow


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600 before cath, 900 after. Dude was fine and walking around a couple days later (!)

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Which troponin? T or I?

Highest troponin I I've ever seen was a 7, and I was practically running down the hallway waving my arms like Jack Sparrow yelling, "I need transport, and I need it NOW." (Our Cath lab semi only comes once a week). Pt's BP was all over the place, HR was 100's....90's...80's...60's...2nd degree with a lovely runs of vtach. Pt. kept saying, "I feel really weird..." No kidding. We got them off the floor alive, but I heard later they threw a second massive MI in the back of the truck and were DOA.


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The highest troponin I saw in the ED was 29.something...he died a few hours later.


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This patients dx is stemi and myocarditis and no I did not miss a decimal it was thankfully trending down today and was 228.3. the ef is only 35% and ckmb and bnp is also quite elevated. I work on a med/surge tele floor so we usually don't get patients quite this sick. Oh the cath was clean as a whistle and they are up walking around like nothing is wrong. They are giving the patient a lifepack vest and have lopressor ordered. I have my own suspicions of what caused this with no medical history other than 2 previous MI's but no htn, dm or any cardiac anomalies.I'm still finding this whole scenerio very interesting I hope the patient is still there when I work this weekend

41 is the highest i have ever seen.