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  1. nlhnurse1982

    Transferred to SICU, horrible orientation...what to do??

    Just to give an update....my day was aweful today CRRT patient plus another and got the are you going to cry yet line and not much help....so when I talked to the manager about it I told her to just transfer me back to the IMC unit I came from, I am so disgusted with the preceptor and the management of the unit that I could not stand to stay there...after voicing my concern about having to take inappropriate assignments such as 2 ICU patients and an IMC patient one of which was a fresh liver tx and not getting much help in return I felt my license would be on the line working there....policy is no more that 2 patients if even one is icu status. I am so disappointed because I enjoy challenging patients and learning new things so I dont feel stagnant. Thankfully there are 3 other ICU's in my hospital hopefully one of them will have a supportive preceptor waiting for me one day. Thanks for the kind words and support in your postings, it helps to know not all nurses "eat their young".
  2. nlhnurse1982

    Transferred to SICU, horrible orientation...what to do??

    I have talked to her and it has gotten me no where....she even has told me that she made the last person she oriented cry and quit she was very proud of this too...she also told me that she is a bit*h and proud of it. I am sorry but when I precepted people the way I felt was that when they were off orientation how they conducted themselves and the care they provided was a reflection of myself since I trained them. I also question that she is able to teach me how to do things correctly since she has told me that it is acceptable to remove a central line wearing clean gloves and no mask and that it is acceptable to turn trauma patients without having their head stabilized before they have their spine cleared. Tomorrow she told me I will be taking a CRRT patient in addition to another ICU patient when I have never taken the CRRT course that we are required to take before caring for a patient on CRRT or even learned anything about it...CRRT is continuous renal replacement therapy which is a form of dialysis....I always have loved being a nurse now I find myself sick before work in the morning. I dont want one jerk to deter me from what I want to be doing however I also dont want to cause waves on a unit that has a lot of cliques. I feel between a rock and a hard place right now.
  3. I have been a nurse for 3 years 2 on a med/surg tele unit and 1 on a medical IMC unit so I have a good base background in nursing practice, my interest is in critical care and it is truely what I want to be doing but my orientation so far is making me miserable. I work at a well known level 1 trauma teaching hospital so I am expecting a wonderful orientation..I couldnt be more wrong! My first day my preceptor gave me 2 ICU patients and told me to do my thing with no direction while asking me multiple times if I was ready to cry yet. When I ask her about drips I've never seen and ventilators or anything i need explained to me I get an attitude. I have explained to her that I have never worked in an ICU so this is a whole new world to me. Today I had 2 patients one was a mess and gushing fluid from their abdomen, receiving tons of blood products on an insulin gtt using the portland protocol and having their fluids adjusted according to their abdominal output among other many other things going on. I was running back and forth like a crazy woman while she sat out at the nurses station, I did get everything done for my patients and at the end of the day she told me I need to be faster this is my 5th day working in an ICU. I asked her for suggestions on how to be faster or more effective she said she wouldnt have done anything different I am just not fast enough...I guess I will be slower when I am looking things up all of the time because she will not answer my questions. I dont feel like I am learning anything ,my preceptor is so miserable and unapproachable. Am I being unreasonable wanting a preceptor who can teach me how to organize my time as an ICU nurse as well as guide me through all of the new things I will have to learn to be a safe and effective nurse. How should I handle this, I dont want to make enemies as a new person to the unit but at the same time I need to learn how to do things correctly and have someone who is willing to teach me. Any suggestions on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Has anyone ever seen anything but bile matter draining into a drainage bag of a biliary drain? I saw a pt with about 100cc of bilious drainage fill her bag in about 5 minutes after chugging a can of hawaiian punch and guess what it was red. The Docs are scratching their heads and cant figure it out. Now today there is food particles in the bag. I keep telling them this is happening but all they have done is order an occult blood screen on the drainage just in case. Could this be back pressure from the duodenum if the pt. is drinking too fast or due to positioning she also has gastroparesis. If anyone else has seen this before please let me know and also if anything was done about it.
  5. nlhnurse1982

    Planning for CRNA School any Tips please

    I was wondering if those of you who have completed the program could give me any of your tips for making it through those years without working. Financial planning tips etc.. Or if you were able to work how did you do it? Was it easy or difficult. The program I am looking at does allow you to work if you wish to. Please only those with personal experience answer I have gotten plenty of opinion from co-workers but they have not personally been through the process. Thanks so much!
  6. I was wondering what kind of certification I would obtained woking on a medical intermediate care unit? This unit deals with cardiac drips and vents so would it be considered critical care? This unit is considered a division of the critical care department at the hospital that I work but I did not know if that qualifies when going for CCRN. Any info would be appreciated!
  7. nlhnurse1982

    Resignation Letter Review

    Thanks for the input...so I think I will stall and give my notice in may to cover my behind.
  8. nlhnurse1982

    Resignation Letter Review

    I am waiting to start at the other facility until June because I can get the rest of my tuition reimbursment by staying put till then. My current manager know that I am leaving and asked if I could give my written notice asap so they can find a replacement. So do you think I should stall and say that I do not want to give written notice yet because all of the preliminary screening at the new job has not been finished yet. The floor I work on is already short staffed so I dont see them getting rid of me and all they have been interviewing are GN's so they will have to go through the 12weeks of orientation as well. But I have read horror stories on here about being walked out and such which scares me because I can't go without a paycheck that long.
  9. nlhnurse1982

    Resignation Letter Review

    I am turning in my resignation letter tomorrow and would like to know if it needs any changes. Thanks in advance! ********* Dear xxxx, Please accept this as formal notice of my resignation from the position of staff rn from xxxx; my last working day will be june 12, 2010. After much consideration I have decided to accept another job offer. I feel it is time for a new challenge and this is a good opportunity to further my career goals. Working for this company has been a wonderful experience. I feel privileged to have been part of the xxxx and will miss all of my colleagues. I appreciate both the professional and personal growth opportunities that have been provided to me during my time with the company. Sincerely, xxxx
  10. I have been offered a job which I have accepted the soonest start date that I could attend per the facility would be may 10th which is only 20 days away from me getting my tuition reimbursment paid out at my current facility. So my question is do you think it would reflect poorly on me to explain this to my future employer and request to start in June instead?
  11. I have a problem that since I have started working as a nurse I am having real issues thinking about death and what happens afterwards and how i am going to cope when my loved ones die. Of course it becomes worse when I have a patient who dies. I am a spiritual person but not a religous person so I really do not have a set belief on what happens after we die. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these feelings and how they coped with it or if anyone knows of any books out there that might be helpful. I really feel I need to get this under control for my own sanity and peace and so I can continue to function at my job. I am about to start working in a critical care environment so I know what I see is going to be worse. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  12. nlhnurse1982

    Frustrated preceptor

    Wow I have precepted some questionable GN's but this one sounds dangerous. I would talk to your manager and the nurse educator about her mainly her lack of ethical behavior. She really needs to be knocked down a peg. I would also keep a log of each incident so you have them right in front of you when she is confronted. SHe sounds like a person that is covering up her lack of confidence by lying and acting like she knows what she is doing because she does not want to be wrong. Good luck with this and keep us updated on what happens!
  13. I am interviewing for a MIMCU position tomorrow and I was told to bring certifications. I can not find my BLS card . Do you think that it is important that I have that with me. Thanks in advance!
  14. nlhnurse1982

    being put "in charge" w/ no training

    I feel your frustration I was made charge after 8 months which scared me to death. I was given no training and even worse our floor has no report for the charge nurse. The floor is a 37 bed tele med/surg floor so pretty busy. I have now been a nurse for not quite 2 years and I still have not had any formal training even though I have requested to attend the class that is given from time to time. I would talk to your manager and just tell her that you feel that you are still learning and trying to find confidence in your practice and see if you can get out of it for now or at least be given some kind of training. Just do the best you can and if you feel a situation comes up that you can't handle call the house supervisor. Good Luck!
  15. nlhnurse1982

    Is there anything at all about nursing that you don't like?

    Wow we might work at the same hospital. Sometimes when I go into a patients room before I assess them I have a great urge to hand them a smiley face sticker and say welcome to walmart.
  16. nlhnurse1982

    hemovac question

    No I have never seen that before I think that would kind of defeat the purpose of the hemovac which not only acts as a drain but promotes blood flow and healing with the suction that it creates. Why wouldnt they just pack the wound or add a regular drain to gravity? What kind of wound was this ordered for?