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  1. It depends on what you want to do with your nursing career. If you eventually want to get into something like public health, become an NP or work somewhere internationally, then having PC experience can only help you career wise. Even if you "just" want to be a floor nurse, it won't kill your career either, although it will be a bit harder for you to find hospital work when you return. You've already jumped through the numerous hoops that Peace Corps puts their candidates through. Why not just go for it? This is honestly the best time for you to do PC, while you're still new to nursing. Because as you get along in years and start getting used to the nursing salary, a 27 month commitment in a developing country working for virtually nothing will not be as enticing as it once seemed. Best of luck to you!! Alem PC/Ethiopia 97-99
  2. alem-tsahai

    Debts are the Whips and Shackles That Will Enslave You

    Never say never. Once upon a time I thought the SAME THING, "I'll never default on my loans". Then life happened and through no fault on my part my loans defaulted. It was a true complete total mess that took me YEARS to undo. Life happens, sometimes in ways you don't want it to so please don't assume that you are going to be humming along in the same direction now in 5 years. Those rose-colored glasses need to come off SunSurfRN....
  3. alem-tsahai

    Am I a victim of discrimination or being too sensitive?

    You aren't being discriminated against. You haven't provided any examples of possible discrimination against you. The others are being racist with their constant stereotyping though. You probably are being a little thin-skinned, but so are they! At my old facility I worked at our staff was 60-70% Filipino and I heard Tagalog all day long and yeah there was a bit of clannish-ness going there but I didn't let that bother me at all. I kept it friendly and lite when I arrived as the new employee, and eventually I was accepted in the group and they love me now :). Your best bet is to get to know all the nurses, not just the Filipino ones (not saying that's what you are doing now). This is how stereotypes are broken down, you have to get out of your comfort zone and reach out. It's not always fair that the minority in the group has to go out play diplomat but that's how it is. Good luck, you sound like a very nice person and I wish you the best at your new gig!
  4. alem-tsahai

    I am so confused...

    Wow, that's about the dumbest reason I've heard for being suspended in a long time. I'm very sorry to hear about that. Your DON is an idiot, and you need to start looking for a new job ASAP rather than worrrying about whether your DON will fire you over not putting cream on a patient (WTH???). Good grief I've noticed nurses are getting written up/suspended/fired for the craziest things nowadays. What gives? Hugs and good luck to you in the meantime!
  5. alem-tsahai

    The big D---Debt.

    OP Wait the extra year and go to Charity instead. You sound so much like me when I was deciding between getting a cheaper ADN vs expensive BSN, and like you I chose the BSN route because I didn't want to wait any longer. I was also your age, 30, when I started nursing school. I foolishly thought I could do something like IHS or one of those gov't programs that pay down your debt for working in a rural/urban/financially challenged facility. So, I incurred 50k in debt, and completely regret it. First off, you are falsely believing that getting a gov't subsidy of whatever sort will be easy. I listened to everyone who told me to take the debt, that there were options galore for paying down the loans when I become a nurse. Not! It takes years to get one of those gigs, if you get it. I know nurses that have applied 3 and 4 times before being accepted. In the meantime? You have to keep making those monthly loan payments (you will have to keep making those monthly payments even if you are accepted to some of those programs, so read the fine print before signing on). Another thing to remember is that one year in the grand scheme of things is not that long at all! And many hospitals WILL help you pay for your BSN. To echo the other posters, please carefully consider your decision! I became a nurse in order to work in public/community health, but unfortunately I can't go that route right now because I have to feed my "kids" first lest the government garnish my wages and ruin my life in general. Because when you take on that kind of debt, your loans do become your kids, like it or not. And kids, of course, always come first.
  6. alem-tsahai

    overreacting or not, that is the question!?!

    @kids, perfect post response! very rational, well thought out and sensitive. You have completely captured the reality of what's going on behind the scenes in your typical ED. To the OP, I hope everything is ok. I'm sorry you were hit with so many health issues at the same time! Keep your head up and take care!
  7. alem-tsahai

    Finally understand the Facebook no-no's

    Happy Holidays everyone!! OP, I hope you give that lousy co-worker of yours the side-eye every time you pass her by. That was a nasty move on her part, ugh! For those who believe posting on FB while ill is an incredibly laborious task, get real. It takes more effort to get up to go to the BR than surf the internet while ill (sorry if that comes off as crass). Live and learn OP. I'm sure a lot of readers just made a mental note to themselves after reading your initial post :).
  8. alem-tsahai

    I am just.........simply thrilled.

    Congrats to you! I'm hoping to do the same dance in a year or so. :) Enjoy!!
  9. I'm sorry, did I miss something? Was a post deleted? Because I don't see anyone being rude. Not even short. To the OP, you will have to call. NYS BON is not always the most efficient, and sometimes they will outright lose your paperwork.
  10. alem-tsahai

    Do you sleep before your first nightshift?

    The day before my first night shift, I take a two hour nap. I'm good for the night but after that I usually sleep 6-8 hours after each shift.
  11. alem-tsahai

    RNs, are ya stressed out? Need a good cry?

    The reaction from the first little girl was priceless. :) Thanks for sharing!!
  12. alem-tsahai

    New Grad, needs help getting a job at NY presbyterian!!! help

    ^^^ I've actually heard this too, and very recently. My friend who works at NYP told me that they aren't hiring new grads at all, ADN or BSN. The new "new grad" at NYP is the nurse who graduated a couple of years ago and has a year or two of hospital work experience. NYC is just not the place to be at the moment for new grad nurses.
  13. alem-tsahai

    Doctors Without Borders Interview

    I was accepted and went to Haiti. Interesting experience. I think you having L&D experience, plus your basic french knowledge is going to go well for you. Additionally, if you have overseas experience and charge nurse or any type of management experience then you will be a shoe-in. Don't worry about the international policy and current research too much. MSF tries to be as non-political as possible anyway. Bonne chance!!! I'm sure you will do fine.
  14. alem-tsahai

    Scheduled my CPEN exam!

    WOW, I'm feeling like a slacker now. Good luck, I'm sure you will pass with flying colors! Thanks for giving me the kick in the butt I needed to start studying for the CEN :)
  15. alem-tsahai

    New Grad, needs help getting a job at NY presbyterian!!! help

    I don't think the poster was being rude to you, just realistic. You sound scared, as you should be. 7 years ago I was living in Baltimore as a freshly minted new grad. I took the bus up to NYC to interview at NYP (on a whim because I never considered moving to NY till then) and was hired the next day, no muss no fuss. THOSE were the days, lol, cuz getting a job at NYP isn't as easy as it used to be. And you have an ADN? Forget it, they are being extra extra picky these days and want BSN new grads (or ADNs with loads of experience). Like another posted stated, try Continuum, they seem to be hiring. Also, check out North Shore in Long Island. You are going to have to expand your options with this one because unfortunately there are no back doors to getting employment in NYP. Bon courage!!
  16. alem-tsahai

    peace corps?

    I did a brief stint with Doctors without Borders as well as a 2 year assignment with Peace Corps. You do not practice as a bedside nurse in either case. With DWB you are more of a supervisor to the local nursing staff for the assigned project. Rarely do you actually do actual bedside stuff. With PC, you work in/with the community, developing projects, campaigns and such. Like the above poster stated, you definitely need to be self motivated to do PC because a lot of time people will tell you "yeah let's collaborate on your project idea" but then you could end up spinning your wheels for weeks, or even months. A fair amount of RN health educators end up early terminating before their service is up because of this. This isn't the case everywhere, not by a long shot, but it's a reality you have to face. That being said I would highly recommend PC, especially if you plan on working in international health. But if you want to actually practice as a nurse, PC does hire RNs to help care for their volunteers overseas. Those gigs can be kinda hard to come by though. Good luck. 2 years goes by fast so don't let the time constraint scare you. :)