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I was accepted to an LPN-RN program in a relatively rural area about 130 miles from where I currently live. I am so excited for the opportunity. The cost of living there is cheap as is the tuition, but the pay is significantly less. I feel lucky to have the job that I currently do, descent pay and benefits for a really good company. I only work weekends as of now (32-40 hours from Fri-Sun), because I have been taking general ed classes during the week, and management are very understanding. Is it crazy to think that I can live in the rural town during the week then travel back for 3-4 shifts over the weekend? I can stay with my mom or a friend. As anyone sucessfully done this?

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That's a long way from your home. However, if you want to be a RN badly enough...then it's may be well worth the effort. I used to drive 30 miles both ways to get to work, but only 3 days a week. I did that for 2 yrs and got tired of it..but in your case you would have family and friends that you could stay long as you can cover your expenses...then go for it.

My school was 70 miles away and one of my clinicals was more than 90 miles away. If you want it badly enough, you can deal with it. After all, it is only for a certain amount of time, until you reach your goal. Good luck.

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I commute 40-70 miles for NS/clinicals. It is definitely doable, especially with the ability to stay with friends/relatives to reduce # of commutes.


1. Get your books on tape, or get e-textbooks and have the e-book reader text->speech

2. Tape lectures and replay them

3. Use a laptop to text->speech notes and study guides

Do you have kids? Family to take care of? Any other responsibilities?

If so, you might be pulled in too many directions and it could be too stressful.

If not, it is definitely doable. Time management is key!! I like what the other poster said about using the time in your car to your advantage. :)

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I've done this, as a single person with no dependents, throughout the 2 years of college prior to nursing school. It is possible, but be alert for burnout, and see if you can get the odd weekend off. Between clinicals and my job I was working 7 days a week for 4 months. I was so stressed it literally made my hair fall out. I will never, ever do that again.

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I am married, but hopefully my husband will get into a school near the one I was accepted to (we'll find out in the next two weeks). We don't have any kids and are free of any major obligations/debt. It's only one year and I may not have a summer class. Thanks for the advice.

I would hate to pass it up because it is less expensive and starts a semester earlier than any other program that I would be able to apply to.

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It can be done especially if you have no other commitments. I did it 140 mi ea way twice a day, Had no choice only place they had a program i could still work and go to school with my current job. You just have to know it is what you want and graduation will arrive sooner than you think.

Good luck..You can do it.

I live 95 miles away from school, and I graduate in December. I'm with SummitAP! And I would add that you might want to tape your notes in your own voice and replay them as you drive (especially the rote memorization stuff). It works like a charm!



I would just add that you have to be very strict about maintaining a decent sleep schedule because if you don't get enough, driving that distance could cost you your life, and it's not worth it.



If you are determined, it can be done. i drove 450 miles roundtrip for the past year earn my RRT to RN degree. I worked weekends as a respiratory therapist and left early morning for a 9AM class. I stayed during the week with family, then headed home Thursday afternoon after my last class. I am married with no children. Husband is Navy, so we are used to being apart. But if your goal is to get your RN, it may be well worth it. Good luck!

I have 2 friends that come up to Chicago Most weekends just to be with friends and family..they travel about 200 miles from school to come up here.I think that you can do it..but,like someone mentioned..TRY to get 1 weekend off a month to just rest..or cut back on one of those weekend days if possible.

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