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  1. Mukfay

    JCAHO, how you annoy me.

    Even if we agree that those are important reasons, we still have to justify that JACHO is the appropriate entity to regulate things like that. Regards, Mukfay
  2. Mukfay

    Studying long hours

    " Yeah I know I will N-E-V-E-R do it again and I haven't even started yet. Thankfully my class schedule worked out so well that I will have loads of study time :-) I found that recording lectures worked well in my case because I had a 95-minute commute with nothing better to do than listen to the lecture (an unusual case I'll grant you). Cell-phone service stunk too, so that helped. I also have a lot of trouble concentrating when I take notes. So I listened carefully while a friend took detailed notes. Afterward we collaborated (I explained what I'd heard, and she fleshed it out with the notes. I received requests for lecture recordings from quite a few students throughout the program. I even bought software to clarify the sound of the instructors voice. Regards, Mukfay
  3. Mukfay

    Passed my board exam!

    I'm very happy for you! Enjoy your specialty! Regards, Mukfay
  4. Mukfay

    Whew! First full week of classes done!

    Don't forget to take good care of yourself. Eat well and rest as often as you can. We're all rooting for you! Regards, Mukfay
  5. Mukfay

    Nervous about last level

    I have one you might try. It worked for me anyway. If you get the reading assignments now, you could get yourself a couple of weeks ahead in the reading (or more). That should provide some cushion. I understand your children are at home, but just a little reading per day could make a big difference when you walk into that first lecture and hear some familiar material. I would also consider the evidence (statistics). It's likely that a high percentage of people who made it as far as you have with situations similar to yours actually made it through (even if med-surg was their worst subject, and they were convinced that they wouldn't make it). Anxiety and knowledge acquisition are mutually exclusive, so if you can recognize that your accomplishments to date make your success very likely, and internalize that somehow, you'll do much better (and remember that you don't have to be perfect - just safe). Regards, Mukfay
  6. Mukfay

    "Loosing" my license

    Well put TiddlDwink. I think this speaks to the point that people are different, locations are different, supervisors are different, and boards are different. It simply doesn't make sense to speak with derision about people who are afraid of losing their licenses, and then back up this attitude with statements like "I've only seen ." Just because there is little reason to fear in your experience doesn't mean it's true for the entire country. I do realize that most of the posts have been placed with the intent of easing the fears of those concerned about losing their licenses, and no derision was intended. Other posts seem to express derision implicitly. Regards, Mukfay
  7. Mukfay

    "Loosing" my license

    I agree with many of the above posts. I recall an experience as our class attended a Nursing Board meeting. An RN was defending her license. She had been placed in a diversion program. She was required to work without exposure to narcotics and report for drug screening 24 times in two years. She reported for three of the 24 tests, and she acted as charge nurse (and carried keys to the narcotics cabinet) for the entire two years. The board reinstated her license. However, to suggest that no one (especially a poster with whom one is unfamiliar) has little or nothing to fear with respect to her license doesn't seem reasonable to me. Regards, Mukfay
  8. I think that your talent for art will manifest itself in the way you connect with people, and the way you understand them. Having children, and demonstrating some success with them provided me with confidence because I was able to take on a complex, exhausting, and sometimes dangerous set of tasks without making any catastrophic mistakes. That was always my fear (that I'd make a medication error, or something, and the patient would be permanently impacted, or would not survive). After raising children, I decided that I have the judgement and presence of mind to avoid that kind of thing. Regards, Mukfay
  9. Mukfay

    "Loosing" my license

    I would agree that the reason for the paranoia is the message many hear in nursing school. If this is the case, we can treat the concern with compassion and educate (as you have done here). As to the misspelling of lose, I've noticed that common error (as well as a small set of others). I have to believe that there is some gap in education in certain school systems due to omission of the material, or failure to study it on the part of the students. It's frustrating maybe, but gentle correction is usually enough.
  10. High school math teacher. I always wanted to try nursing, but didn't have the guts until I had children. By the way, your art will apply in nursing. You'll be surprised how much.
  11. I think it depends on who the president is at the time (I'm kidding. I'm kidding!) Actually, I think what the instructor wants is a demonstration of your knowledge of various ethical principles. Check with your instructor on what he/she wants, but I don't think a "wrong" decision on your part would affect your grade because the instructor is probably looking for you to back it up with course material. I would consider each from the standpoint of each ethical principle, and then make a decision based on one of them. Floor nurses rarely have to make ethical decisions in a vacuum. The charge nurse and ethics committee (and attorneys) get involved in the complex and difficult cases. So have fun showing off all that you've learned in your ethics class, and let us know how it goes. Regards, Mukfay
  12. Mukfay

    How in the freaking world are you a nurse???

    What shocks me is that, although you're a nurse, it hasn't occurred to you that there might be some pathology here. Does this lack of judgement and knowledge seem normal to you? Why is the first response (and apparently later responses too) anger and chagrin rather than concern?
  13. Mukfay

    How in the freaking world are you a nurse???

    Originally Posted by Rob72 Perhaps making NCLEX a 1, or not more than 2, time pass affair? Raising the entry GPA to a 3.4 or 3.8? I think that is a more credibly realistic measure of potential and performance than paying 3 times as much for a degree with the same scope of practice. The prereqs are a lot like Federal taxes. Although it's the same class (and the same rate), they're really actually different depending on where you go to school (live). Some schools' prereqs are a cakewalk. In others, the teachers don't believe in giving A's at all. In some, 86% will get you a C, and in others you have to be in the "below 80" range. Just like taxes. there are places in the country where $60,000 is a lot of money, and others where you couldn't afford to live in the most inexpensive home, or even a studio apartment for that. And as to the NCLEX, although they put a lot of effort into it, I'm not sure it is an indicator of a safe nurse. So I'm not sure that I agree with the thesis that a person who fails it twice would not be a good nurse (or that someone who nails it in 75 would be). Regards, Mukfay
  14. Mukfay

    Can you please school me?

    All the latest research points to doing rather than "running through it in your head." Do it over and over and over - oh, and over. If you can do it on a person, go for it. And don't beat yourself up when you forget something. That creates a neural pathway that leads to ... beating yourself up. One more thing. Don't start at the beginning every time you practice. You'll hit the same sticky spots. Practice from the first place you forget a few times and then go back to the beginning. It is not normal to remember this many steps in a few series of practices. You have to log a ton of them. Also, try to remember that when you're practicing, you're not testing. If you're anxious during practice, it won't sink in (didn't learn that until 3rd semester Psych nursing). Repetition on the sticky spots, and no anxiety because you're not testing during practice. Run through fast and pick it right back up and do it again fast after you forget something. Good luck and let us know how it goes. (btw - this works for straight memorization of material too).
  15. I can't for the life of me understand why they would have such a rule. If you're smart enough to get through nursing school, then you'd be smart enough to know not to overstep your duties as a CNA. Many nurses support the CNA's when things get hectic.
  16. Mukfay

    Hospital nurses - is it really that bad?

    "I hate when nurses say I'm so busy I can't take a break, I can't eat, I can't pee, I can't get out on time 12hrs becomes 14+, I'm stressed and frustrated; but I LOVE my job!" I think what this poster may have meant is that he or she loves the patient care aspect of the job. That's how I feel. - And if that part of it is what he or she spends the majority of the time on, then in balance ... it may not be denial.