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DesertRN2 has 25 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in Corrections, Education, Med/Surg, AGNP-HIV.

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  1. Want to specialize in HIV nursing

    Evening, There are a few schools that offer specialization in HIV, I just completed the AGNP- HIV specialization program at Duke
  2. How I Passed the AANP :D

    Congrats! I passed AANP - AGNP exam today. I found (APEA) Ameile Hollier's live course (videos) beneficial and also AGNP Cert review 3rd ed, premium access, I did about two weeks intensive studying, finished exam 1 1/2 hours
  3. Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    I just graduated from Duke in 12/2018. They have a great distance based program that is pricey. But what are you comparing it to? I also chose them because of their specialty education. I had a job before I even finished my program. I just passed my ...
  4. Looking for primary care preceptor in San Diego,CA

    Thanks, I am at Duke, they have placement coordinators. I am trying to ensure it is local as they have a 120 mile radius. I will check that out
  5. Looking for primary care preceptor in San Diego,CA

    NP, PA, MD,DO
  6. My school is working on fining a preceptor, but looking to get any leads in San Diego, CA
  7. Injection Gone Wrong: Part 1

    Please tell me your not a nurse. or actually use evidence based practice and not your feelings
  8. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Yes I am in the HIV specialty as well. Nothing we will see on Sakai until tomorrow.
  9. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    I got my notifications as well. I understand we cannot get into anything until Wed. I will look for the FB page. Yes there is a book list. message me i can get it to you or FB group. From what I can tell I actually think we really start next Monday
  10. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Glad to see others here that were accepted. I am AGNP HIV specialty, any others?
  11. Want to specialize in HIV nursing

    HIV Certification | AIDS Certification | ACRN | AACRN
  12. FNP pay

    Just curious, you talk of going into leadership vs. NP because of pay? I am in leadership and realize this is not what I like to do (even though my staff think it is ). I am starting an NP program in Jan and cannot wait to get back into what I came i...
  13. MSN OR DNP

    No, it is not true it was a suggestion to have been implemented in 2015. It never became a reality/requirement. Many schools started offering the DNP in anticipation of this recommendation.
  14. Will I actually get a job in Columbus, OH?

    I was just accepted into a program with a specialty in HIV, I know I will likely need to move and am willing to do so after graduation. Psych is in great demand, not sure about peds. I would look to many other resources. Search all the facilities and...
  15. AGNP HIV specialty?

    Not sure why it would be moved, Practicing NP's wont look here