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  1. Want to specialize in HIV nursing

    Evening, There are a few schools that offer specialization in HIV, I just completed the AGNP- HIV specialization program at Duke
  2. How I Passed the AANP :D

    Congrats! I passed AANP - AGNP exam today. I found (APEA) Ameile Hollier's live course (videos) beneficial and also AGNP Cert review 3rd ed, premium access, I did about two weeks intensive studying, finished exam 1 1/2 hours
  3. Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    I just graduated from Duke in 12/2018. They have a great distance based program that is pricey. But what are you comparing it to? I also chose them because of their specialty education. I had a job before I even finished my program. I just passed my ...
  4. My school is working on fining a preceptor, but looking to get any leads in San Diego, CA
  5. Looking for primary care preceptor in San Diego,CA

    Thanks, I am at Duke, they have placement coordinators. I am trying to ensure it is local as they have a 120 mile radius. I will check that out
  6. Looking for primary care preceptor in San Diego,CA

    NP, PA, MD,DO
  7. Injection Gone Wrong: Part 1

    Please tell me your not a nurse. or actually use evidence based practice and not your feelings
  8. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Yes I am in the HIV specialty as well. Nothing we will see on Sakai until tomorrow.
  9. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    I got my notifications as well. I understand we cannot get into anything until Wed. I will look for the FB page. Yes there is a book list. message me i can get it to you or FB group. From what I can tell I actually think we really start next Monday
  10. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Glad to see others here that were accepted. I am AGNP HIV specialty, any others?
  11. Want to specialize in HIV nursing

    HIV Certification | AIDS Certification | ACRN | AACRN
  12. FNP pay

    Just curious, you talk of going into leadership vs. NP because of pay? I am in leadership and realize this is not what I like to do (even though my staff think it is ). I am starting an NP program in Jan and cannot wait to get back into what I came i...
  13. MSN OR DNP

    No, it is not true it was a suggestion to have been implemented in 2015. It never became a reality/requirement. Many schools started offering the DNP in anticipation of this recommendation.
  14. Will I actually get a job in Columbus, OH?

    I was just accepted into a program with a specialty in HIV, I know I will likely need to move and am willing to do so after graduation. Psych is in great demand, not sure about peds. I would look to many other resources. Search all the facilities and...
  15. AGNP HIV specialty?

    Any AGNP with a specialization in HIV? It appears there is a great need. Few schools offer the specialty, How is the work environment ? getting into a specialty practice? Most go into infectious disease practice?
  16. AGNP HIV specialty?

    Not sure why it would be moved, Practicing NP's wont look here
  17. AGNP HIV specialty?

    why 5 characters and no delete
  18. AGNP HIV specialty?

    Thanks for the info, I was accepted into a AGNP program with a specialization in HIV, Big decisions ahead! Anyone else in the specialty?
  19. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Sorry not sure how this responds, don't see another message
  20. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Got my acceptance letter today!!! Big decisions to make... Anyone else in AGNP HIV track?
  21. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

  22. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    No need to call they e-mailed today. August 30th is the day we will find out , I need to know, now I am impatient !!!LOL....
  23. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Yes, how did you feel after the interview? I was asked why i did not chose FNP? Hmm, When did they say we should know, second week of August?
  24. Duke MSN Fall 2016

    How is the program going?
  25. Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    You really