Travel time to clincals

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Hello all!

I am interested to see how far everyone travels to clincals.

Coming into my program I knew clincals could be a lengthy drive, and when I start clincals next semester I will be driving almost 2 hours, thankfully only once a week! I'm not complaining because it's a great hospital, but it will be interesting especially in the winter!

Thanks everyone!


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We drive 4 hours round trip to class one day a week and 4 hours round trip to clinical two days a week.

Spring semester it will be 4 hours round trip to class two days a week and 5 hours round trip to clinical two days a week.



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Currently 20 mins each way. We are at a different hospital for each rotation and I've never traveled more than 35 mins each way.

ashleyisawesome, BSN, RN

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45 mins to class 3 days a week, depending on my clinical site its 35 mins-an hour twice a week. although this 7 week semester we have 11 hour clinicals once a week and its the hospital thats only 35 mins away so its a little better.



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1 hour 10 mins one way at most. And that's only if you get picked for that clinical.


Sand_Dollar, BSN

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Usually it's about an hour each way for me. I am SO lucky, this semester my clinical site is literally 6 minutes away from my house. I am enjoying it and thankful every clinical day this semester!

KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

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My commute to my clinical site this semester was 2 hours :(



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The most that I am looking at is about an hour; however, it doesn't really bother me because I live in a rural area and I have to drive at least 30 minutes to get everywhere. It didn't matter which you university I chose to attend around my area because the clinical drive time would still be about an hour for each university.

turnforthenurse, MSN, NP

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My drive time depended on the location. The farthest I had to drive was 40 minutes to a hospital (and 30 minutes out to a hospice center) but I was lucky and had my other rotations at a site located a few minutes away from my apartment.

15 minutes to school and 15 minutes to clinical...

Java Mama

Java Mama

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80 miles round-trip for lecture and clinicals (3-4 days a week).

tokyoROSE, BSN, RN

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I'm spoiled by my 8 mile drive to class, I've been complaining about my 60 mile commute to clinicals. I live in a town where places are relatively close. I dislike driving, I have a big fear of car accidents, especially when driving down the interstate at high speeds. Although I love my nurse and the hospital, I will NOT miss the drive.