How crazy is this?? contract

  1. I have agreed to start a position in Nevada in less than 2 weeks. All my paperwork was supposed to be in this past Tuesday. I have not seen my contract at all. I have spoken with my recruiter. She keeps telling me "that it was mailed out late." "Don't worry, you can start your job without the contract, you are on the schedule, just fax your stuff in" She told me she would email my contract to me yesturday. Well I still dont have it. I wouldn't dare start to work with out seeing my contract but I don't know how niave I am for still wanting to this to work out. I would have to leave my state in less than one week. This is also the place that offered me a job without an interview (though I did call and speak with the nurse manager), and the recruiter told me "verbal contract is legal and binding." Anyone have an opinion that has been down this bumpy road.

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  3. by   canoehead
    A verbal contract is legal and binding so long as you both have come to an agreement on the terms. One of the terms of your verbal contract was that it would be put in writing before you actually picked up and moved. If you don't get a contract I think you are within your rights to tell them "no dice."

    I'll bet that if you say you are not moving without a written contract they will come up with one fairly quickly.
  4. by   ldixn1217
    I have always heard that too about the verbal contract thing however let me tell you a verbal contract is not worth the paper it is wrote on!

    And that is a fact!
  5. by   Michellex1013
    i have agreed to the terms but i want to see that we see eye to eye; which to me means a written contract. I know I will be screwed on paychecks and housing when they come back and say "that isn't what I said".
  6. by   AMANSVIEW
    Yesterday, I Was With My Attorney Concerning Another Type Of Contract, So I Asked Him About This Verbal Contract Stuff. He Said There Is So Much More To It Than What Is Thought. He Said It Was Pretty Much Toro Do-do Because Of The He Said She Said Problem. It Is A Nice Scare Tactic. Just Remember, You Can Always Bring A Lawsuit. Any Two Bit Attorney Would Love To Take On A Company.
  7. by   OkieICU_RN
    Sounds like you have a lot of red flags with your company. Who is the company by the way....if you don't mind sharing.

    I will say that I truly believed everything I was told when I accepted a position (my first travel assignment). I accepted the position and was to start in less than a week, I didn't receive my packet from my company until the day before I left. And yes, I was nervous. I had already purchased a plane ticket, reserved a rental car and checked out my housing online.

    Everything worked out fine. My contract was exactly what she had told me verbally. I was expecting some big, long, draw out contract with words I would have to look up or would have to have someone explain. It was about 1 1/2 pages, went over the length of my contract, how I would be paid, when my first check would be and how I have to send in timecards, what happens if I break my contract, etc. Nothing heavy, nothing hard to understand and nothing that wasn't already agreed to.

    I was pleasantly surprised too since I took this position with one of the "evil empire" as others have said. I am with Nurse Choice and I couldn't have asked for anything better than my recruiter.

    I have always been paid correctly and on time. She calls and checks on me every couple of weeks and is always available if I need her. Nothing has been outside of what I was told and what I expected.

    I honestly can't tell if you are so nervous because this is your first travel or because there really is reason to be concerned and you might get screwed. If you truly have reservations, check out BBB, ask to speak with other nurses and preferably nurses traveling with that company AT the hospital you are going to.

    Only you can decide if this is right for you.
  8. by   catlover13

    Who are they kidding?

    When my husband was transferred, we've bought and sold houses from out of state by faxing documents. Followed up later with a one page hard copy. I don't mean the real estate, offer pages, I mean the 50+ CLOSING documents.

    In this day of instant access, "late in the mail", is no excuse, IMHO.

  9. by   Michellex1013
    I have the contract now, and as far as I can tell everything is good. I don't like the non-compete clause in it but I can except it.

  10. by   caliotter3
    Good that you have finally received your contract and have read it. There are too many stories about "changes" after the fact, to be in the position of not even seeing in writing what is is supposed to be from day one. Good luck on having a satisfying work assignment.
  11. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from Michellex1013
    I have the contract now, and as far as I can tell everything is good. I don't like the non-compete clause in it but I can except it.

    Most of the "Evil Empire" companies and many of the rest have non-compete clauses.

    The EE is also known to threaten on stuff that they know will not stand in court. They've tried it with me.

    I do honor my word, but they have no business not to give you something quicker in writing. I would say, no written contract within a reasonable amount of time, I don't start.
  12. by   gitterbug
    Be very careful regarding this situation. Too many red flags, too many hitches before you even start. Good luck.
  13. by   Beneficence
    Forgive me if I sound crazy, but what is a non-compete clause? I sounds like you won't deal with any other company except them? Am I right? I have never heard of this clause
  14. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from Beneficence
    Forgive me if I sound crazy, but what is a non-compete clause? I sounds like you won't deal with any other company except them? Am I right? I have never heard of this clause
    There are several versions. Most dictate the time period of a year.

    - Say I take a travel position w/NYP with AM. I like NYP alot, they like me alot and want to re-sign for another contract. But I hate AM. Or Fastaff pays more and I want to work at NYP through them. I would not be able for at least 1 year to because AM has a noncompete clause.

    Once you go with AM, you are supposed to stay with them at that same locale, if you work there again within a year of having left the facility. Unless the agency contract with the facility is voided/expires.

    - Or say I like NYP soooo much that I want to take a permanent position. AM has a clause that for at least 1 year after I have worked for NYP through AM, if I take a permanent position, they get "credit (read money)" for the placement.

    - And in some contracts, they have rules that while on assignment,you cannot work for another agency in the area/facility. This one gets broken ALOT.

    Some contracts have this spelled out in the contract specifically (AM does). Others have a note in the contract, saying that you have read the agency rule book and agree to abide by its' contents. Thus many travelers sign non compete clauses, without even realizing what they have done.

    Of course it occasionally backfires in the recruiter's face. Say a nameless traveler that hates AM finds out that NYP cancelled/expired their contract with AM, and will only contract with TC. Traveler negotiates with TC and is told that since NYP has voided/expired contract with AM, the noncompete clause is null & void. Lawyer friend confirms this. TC treats former AM traveler really well. And traveler's recruiter lies about the voiding/expiring of the noncompete clause, ticking traveler off. AM personally loses several really good travelers as a result of the lie.