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  1. OkieICU_RN

    Reno jobs/salary

    Checking to see if someone could give me an idea on current pay for RNs in Reno area, and is the job market good for experienced nurses? I have a BSN, 9 years experience. Thanks for any insight you provide! Feel free to PM me if that's more you style.
  2. OkieICU_RN

    Getting references after many years...

    I had the same issue and I told the schools that. The ones I applied to said I could use the nurse educator for my unit or the nurse that monitors ongoing competencies.
  3. OkieICU_RN

    Moving to Tulsa: Best Hospitals? Job market outlook?

    None of the hospitals are bad to work for, IMO. If you like oncology, since you have experience, I would personally apply to Cancer Tx Center in Tulsa. I interviewed there a long time ago and was quite impressed. Better pay there than other hospitals too.
  4. OkieICU_RN


    Terese, I applied for January and that application cycle deadline was in November. When did you apply and for what cohort? The biology class I have to take is 8 weeks long, starts in January. I have to pass with an 83 and then will start the core nursing courses in March, which is when the next cohort starts. It would probably be a good question for your advisor. I don't have a whole lot of information because I recieved my acceptance right before their holiday break; I still have some questions myself. :)
  5. OkieICU_RN


    Thanks for the info, preppyrn, that is very encouraging. I found out that the course is 8 weeks long. Terese, you will probably be asked to take it if you made lower grades in sciences or it has been awhile since taking any sciences. I have logged in on the program page and some students have to take 1-3 courses for acceptance. Biology refresher, statistics (again), and health assessment. If the admissions committee thinks a student needs it, they probably do. I was disappointed, at first, that I have to take an extra course as I am ready to get the show on the road!! I realized though it will be good to refresh myself and get used to their online platform. I'm so excited!
  6. OkieICU_RN

    Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

    This might be of interest to you....Google: nurse practitioner dermatology residency. I saw at least 2 places that offer. Those sites may give you more info on what you want to know.
  7. OkieICU_RN


    I dont know the details yet. The wording sounds like its given at Simmons. I havent has any science courses in about 10 years and no upper division sciences at all. Maybe thats why? I will be calling tomorrow to get more details.
  8. OkieICU_RN


    I just recieved a provisional acceptance letter. They have asked me to complete: Biology Fundamentals for Health Care Professionals. Anyone know about this, like the course itself and how long it takes to complete? Cost? I applied for January and Im assuming I will have to defer by a term in order to complete it....so March?
  9. OkieICU_RN

    Well my Georgetown University & University of Cincy apps are in...

  10. OkieICU_RN

    Well my Georgetown University & University of Cincy apps are in...

    Tasha, just curious but I thought GU based the GPA on last 60hrs or the BSN rather than cummulative. Was that not your experience?
  11. OkieICU_RN

    Assignment Offer Question

    I will tell you, as a nurse who did a lot of travel assignments/contract positions in Oklahoma, they will almost always pay better than Texas. Hospitals in OK have a hard time getting people to come in from out of state unless they are from close-by Arkansas, Kansas, or Missouri. Honestly, I used to LOVE 48 hour work weeks, but I always got several in a row and always had at least 2 days off in between. It all depends on you and if you can do it. When you interview, ask the manager how they schedule travelers. Every time I have done night shift, they group several shifts together. ASK the manager when you interview what the policy is. The pay sounds correct in Texas, and correct in Oklahoma. Texas is a low paying state for travelers in most instances.
  12. OkieICU_RN

    Housing stipends

    According to IRS rules you can legally only take the stipend for the days you are away from home. If you stay away from home for 3 nights, that's the amount you are allowed to take (you are still entitled to the money, it's just that the 4 days worth is taxable income). The money is given tax free because it is assumed you are maintaining 2 households while you are away on assignment. Read more on www.traveltax.com , I've found it to be a good go-to website.
  13. OkieICU_RN

    Is this right?

    Traveling with pets truly does make things much more difficult. I would insist though that I be connected to the housing person as soon as I signed my work contract if I was going to take company provided housing. I will say, too, that it is exceedingly difficulty to get anything but a hotel or extended stay for assignments less than 3 months in many locations. Personally, I do my very best to find my own housing and take the housing stipend. I've had pretty good luck on craigslist looking under the sublets/temporary housing tab. I find places that are fully furnished down to the linens and kitchen supplies, and usually under budget which means more in my paycheck.
  14. OkieICU_RN

    Is this right for an ER position in Torrance, CA

    If you housing is provided, that's not a bad deal. What is a bad deal is the amount given for taxed purposes. I know it's tempting to get such a high amount that is non-taxed, but I agree with reigen about those issues. I personally never take less than $25/hr taxable rate. Additionally, if they are paying for your housing, the only per diems you would legally qualify for (if you meet the criteria of having a tax shelter home) in the LA area is $71/day which equates to $13.80/hr based on 36 hours a week. Don't let the company put you in jeopardy if you were to get audited.
  15. OkieICU_RN

    IYO: Which would be a better senario

    I would be very surprised to hear of anyone without ICU experience could landing any ICU contract position. Hospitals EXPECT the traveler to essentially walk in the door and start taking care of patients. As far as options, if what you want to do is ICU or ED and you don't plan on traveling for another 1.5 years anyway, I'd go into the area that you want to work in. I started traveling after 1.5 years experience in a large (900+ bed) hospital. You really learn a lot in that amount of time. There will still be some positions that won't accept you right away because they require 2,3,5 years of experience. But there are many, many that require only a year of ICU experience. If I were you, on your course of action, and wanted to end up in ICU/ED, here's what I would do: I would try and land a job in a large, high acuity ICU. After being there for about 6 months to a year, I would talk with the ED manager and ask about getting some orientation in the ED and work a shift a week or a couple of shifts a month there if at all possible. This would make you much more marketable because you could do either or both. There are several positions I haven't qualified for because I have never done ER and they want someone that can float there. Just my 2 cents.
  16. I have taken a telephone order for DNR as well (with a second nurse on the phone as a witness). Both nurses sign off in the chart as hearing the order. I have never worked in FL so I can't speak specifically to your state. Perhaps you could post this in the FL state nursing discussion board. I would suggest checking your policies and procedures at the hospital concerning DNR orders. You could also just call risk management at the hospital and ask them what is required. Lastly, contact your state board of nursing and ask them what is acceptable and/or required.