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TPAPN: Weekend testing

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I'm just curious since this topic has been brought up a few times recently with varying responses....For those of you who are enrolled in TPAPN, both new and old, have you been selected for weekend testing? How long have you been enrolled in the program?

I have been enrolled for about 2.5 years and have not.

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3.2 yrs lol. Not tested on weekend or holidays. My advocate told me they test people who work in hospitals on weekends. Plus there are no sites open here on weekends. If I get picked on weekend I am screwed, there isnt anywhere to go.


Has 4 years experience.

Interesting. I work in a hospital and was fortunate enough to find that job almost immediately. It will be interesting to see how the others respond. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Yes, I have..Been in 8 months. A friend in my support group twice, he's been in two. Two others in group also.

You can use care now, it's approved for weekends, bring lab form, will cost you extra there, they use quest labs. Call the weekend number on recovery trek though. I was weekend tested while not even working. Know of two not working in hospitals on weekends who were tested. Two of us in for alcohol. Two drugs. None of us had any issues or delay in meeting timelines, or bad attitudes that would draw scrutiny. It's all random.

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Which areas in Texas are y'all located

I am in DFW. I have been selected one time on a Saturday, about 9 months ago. I am about 17 months into TPAPN. Now that I know I can go to CareNow I do not freak out about being tested on my 12 hour shift days or weekends! Good luck :)

Well, my Option that is the urine ethanol test only which was positive for just over the cut off has been rules a false negative by a secondary lab. Yes, just heard from my caseworker. Split specimen was double 0 for Egt and Etc. Likely causative factor, UTI with undiagnosed diabetes. What a horrible 6 day wait between tests though

DFW here. Been in for two years. I have never been called for weekend cup duty.

I'm in Dayton, Liberty County area, not too far from Houston/Beaumont. I have never been testes on weeekends. Next month will be a year for me in TPAPN.


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