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  1. Pitboss

    Are you better off?

    Me too
  2. Pitboss

    Are you better off?

    It's horrible. Absolutely horrible. The shame. They say it's confidential but somehow everyone knows. And trying to get a job with all the restrictions and before that, waiting on the therapist to give a work release. How is keeping me from work helping my situation? I can't pay my bills and I'm supposed to be happily skipping through recovery? While they steadily hold their hand out for more money that I don't have because they won't let me work?
  3. Pitboss

    Tpapn startover

    I've been in tpapn for a while now, recently had a positive random. Having to start over. Wanting to talk to someone currently or recently in tpapn in east texas please. Txnurse2@yahoo.com
  4. Pitboss

    TPAPN: Weekend testing

    Which areas in Texas are y'all located
  5. Pitboss

    Home Health on TPAPN

    Dialysis maybe?
  6. Pitboss

    East texas tpapn

    I got ur pm. I'll try those. I have an interview with DaVita soon
  7. Pitboss

    East texas tpapn

    It still won't let me reply to your pms.
  8. Pitboss

    TPAPN Friendly Job

    I need the info but it won't let me message
  9. Pitboss

    East texas tpapn

    Txrnc it won't let me reply to ur pm. I am about an hr away from the city you mentioned
  10. Pitboss

    East texas tpapn

    1 year
  11. Pitboss

    East texas tpapn

    Still looking. It doesn't seem to let me pm because I am too new to this
  12. Pitboss

    East texas tpapn

    Hi, I'm looking to talk to some east texas tpapn nurses about jobs in the area.