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  1. The Business of Recovery

    "They charge folks billions to tell them to go to meetings which seem to have little lasting effect that are free. A complete non-scientific scam based on some old, dead drunk's "vision" from god when he was going through DTs. Beyond ridiculous." I ...
  2. Meetings

    Dear Spanked, At the beginning, I was required to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. It took me a couple of weeks, but I found one that annoyed me the least. After the initial 90 days, it was three meetings per week. I was required to document meeting a...
  3. Need Ideas Please

    Ruby Vee had me at focusing on the nurses for once and not the patients...
  4. BSN is a joke

    I should have clarified that the two major hospital systems here specifically cite the reason for requiring a BSN (and subsequent push for masters preparation) is their Magnet Status. I still have my email from three years ago that says, "In an effor...
  5. BSN is a joke

    Two words: Magnet Status. Around these parts, to even be considered for employment, you must have a BSN and most of the hospitals have told their ASN/ADN's that if they do not have their BSN completed by 0000 on 1/1/18, they no longer have a job as a...
  6. Lvad patient in cardiac rehab

    Wait...cutting the LVAD wire is a bad thing? Oops! My bad
  7. TPAPN - 3rd year

    I received this a few days ago: TrashPanda, You have one year to go in the program!! Since you are up-to-date with everything, your program gets modified in two ways. First, there will be decreased selections for drug testing. You still need to check...
  8. The hairy legs are priceless! Love this!!
  9. Why are nurses disrespected so much?

    "I guess I have "thin skin" but yikes this is not the kind of work environment I want to be in!" Then before you waste any more time or money on a profession that is obviously not optimal for you, I would suggest you change your career choice. I guar...
  10. TPAPN Affinity NONSENSE

    Popped my first one today with this new system. My CM is pretty cool. Doesn't seem to get too tightly wound around the axles about things. I sent her a message about the flubs. She returned a message that said they know and it is being worked on. Thi...
  11. Anatomy and physiology notes

    Here is the consist of my A&P notes and I passed with an A triple plus in both classes: 1. Toe bone connected to the foot bone, foot bone connected to the heel bone, heel bone connected to the ankle bone, ankle bone connected to the shin bone, sh...
  12. TPAPN: Weekend testing

    DFW here. Been in for two years. I have never been called for weekend cup duty.
  13. TPAPN - New COC forms?

    Yep! I got an envelope in the mail with directions on how to sign up on the Affinity website and dig through available testing sites. Looks like it does not go into effect until September 1st. It also looks like they have contracted with multiple sit...
  14. 15 months to go

    383 days left for this old lady! Congrats Blondie!