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    What area are you in ?
  2. TexasNurse2014

    pregnant in monitoring?

    I had a few dilutes throughout my pregnancy because of my increased water intake. You just have to cut off drinking atleast 2 hours prior to testing. The only time I had interruption was when I had the baby my CM gave me 3 weeks.
  3. TexasNurse2014


    The question is, do you really want to lose your license?
  4. TexasNurse2014


    Currently in TPAPN. What info do you need?
  5. TexasNurse2014

    Drug tests

    What state are you in?
  6. TexasNurse2014

    Driving myself crazy.

    Thank you for your replies and encouragement! I spoke with the job today and everything went well! They are calling me and letting me know when yous tart orientation. MOD could you please remove this thread. Thanks.
  7. TexasNurse2014

    TPAPN Question

    We are all human and make mistakes. I am in TPAPN , have been for a year. I self reported for prescription drug addiction. Pretty much if you don't comply with the board order, you are giving up your license. If you have the funds, hire an attorney, keep all the paper work for yourself. Best of luck.
  8. TexasNurse2014

    Driving myself crazy.

    Yes very stressful. It is all board ordered and it shows it on the website, which I already knew. Thanks for the response. I hope to hear good news today !!
  9. TexasNurse2014


    Kel, UGH!!! Sorry my friend.
  10. TexasNurse2014


    Finally! It shows. Negative :)
  11. TexasNurse2014

    TPAPN Spectrum

    Did you find it?
  12. TexasNurse2014

    Driving myself crazy.

    Last Friday I had an interview at a Skilled Nursing Facility. It has been two years since I have practiced. I am in TPAPN which is the recovery program for Texas Nurses. The interview went great. They were so nice and supportive of what I had to say and my whole issue with past addiction. She called & talked to my case manager and everything was approved by her. I did a drug screen & then she printed me an offer letter and I signed it. My background check is still pending. I am keeping in contact with the girl who has submitted it. She told me the criminal part came back, just waiting on the license status to pop up. She told me that she knows everything will be fine but I am just overreacting I guess. LOL ! I assume since I am in TPAPN that it will show I am under board order, etc. They are fully aware of all of this. Just looking to see about how long backgrounds usually take in Skilled Nursing Facilities, if you know ?
  13. TexasNurse2014


    I emailed Affinity yesterday. The lady told me that it could take up to two weeks to post. The place I went to was not a Quest , but they use Quest. I'm not sure. I will keep looking . They told me if it's not posted by 9/26 to contact them. Thanks.
  14. TexasNurse2014


    This really is nonsense! I tested exactly a week ago & it's still not showing. Grrrr
  15. TexasNurse2014

    Any narcotic anonymous/opiate support groups in Texas

    Hi there ! Which part of TX are you in? I am I. southeast and I run NA in my home town. It may be far for you if you're in Houston. PM me
  16. TexasNurse2014


    KEL, if you click on HELP DESK tab it will bring you to the screen to order more. I'm going to go ahead and do the same.