what topics to study for pre-req's like A&P, micro and pathophysiology?



Please can anybody tell what topics to be covered in the nervous system for anatomy and physiology

hope to hear from somebody soon.

thank you


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Please can somebody tell me what topics are covered in the microbiology of bacteri, fungi, viruses etc. like what is to be covered in their structure and classification

and in how much detail we need to study air borne diseases, water and food borne diseases etc

hope to hear from you soon.

thank you


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This is completely relative to your professor and the microbio course you are taking. Some programs require a lower level micro course than others, whereas others require a biology major-level microbio course. You will likely look at microbio from a public health perspective rather than getting too hung up on the biology. Refer to your course syllabus.

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Wait until you get into class. Every where teaches stuff differently.You really can't jump the gun and try learning it befopre class.


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Yep ask your teacher. Good luck.


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Know voluntary and involuntary Its very important!!!!


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Know voluntary and involuntary Its very important!!!!

And that about covers them all. ;).


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Definitely all! Really know how the heart works and the flow of blood. It's important to know the function of every organ because that will help significantly in your med surge classes when you are learning disease processes. Most people

Found CV, endocrine, and GI the hardest as far as disease processes went so I would suggest having a good understanding of those systems.

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Sympathetic, autonomic ... discuss.

CNS control


Spinal cord columns


Seizure disorders

That should get you started :)

You seriously want the Anatomy Coloring Book and the Physiology Coloring Book, both real books, not jokes, and excellent resources for learning and refreshing things you will need to know all the way through school and beyond. Amazon is your friend. You can thank me later. :)


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Thanks for your reply

can u tell me what to study in microbiology for nursing and pathophysiology for nervous system.

thank you

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There is a ton of information....essentially you will be tested on it all. Is this for a college course? What exactly are you asking for?

Are you going to school in California or Canada? for you indicate both in your posts. Many schools do not allow the sharing of exact course material as that is considered academic dishonesty (cheating) and grounds for expulsion (permanent removal) for the programs.