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  1. StayHumble11

    How much chem is actually used in ap??

    It's a surprise
  2. StayHumble11

    Hi I am new...

    Go to class on time and don't fall behind. Good luck :)
  3. StayHumble11

    caught up in a dilemma

    You live in Cali then you are going to have a difficult time getting accepted somewhere, especially with those grades. Best of luck!
  4. StayHumble11

    iMac or MacBook!

  5. StayHumble11

    What Was Your Hardest Topic In Anatomy and Physiology?

    I'm weird, I am better at understanding the more complicated ones...the respiratory system gave me problems lol
  6. StayHumble11

    Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 Final Summer grade

    Congrats! I have one more week left. I'm determined to keep my A :)
  7. StayHumble11

    How many of you are in your 20's?

    I'm 24 and 3 quarters...
  8. StayHumble11

    A&P 2 lecture gets harder and lab gets easier

    I feel like mine started off kinda rough and then started to get a lil easier..or maybe I just got better at studying? Not exactly sure. AnywAys, I think it depends on your particular class and teacher.
  9. StayHumble11

    Grade in Anatomy and Physiology

    Lol thank you @thecommuter for the clarification. But yes thank you frias. You just have to take the classes, especially science serious. I had to retake gen chem 1 because I wasn't serious about it and blamed my poor performance on the teachers teaching skills. So i dropped the class. When I was sure i wanted to go into nursing that's when I buckled down and got real serious.
  10. StayHumble11

    Grade in Anatomy and Physiology

    Nope. This is my first time taking this class..took a&p 1 last semester during spring
  11. StayHumble11

    When do you start your fall class?

    August 19th. Very ready
  12. StayHumble11

    Grade in Anatomy and Physiology

    ^lol. How is it dumb to take that class in the summer? I'm taking it right now with two weeks left to go and have a 94% average. But it is true that that type of pace is not for everybody. To be honest i was already accepted to the nursing program and just needed a C or better to keep my spot so all hope is not lost OP.
  13. StayHumble11

    Summer Classes

    2 more weeks tryna finish strong
  14. StayHumble11

    Anyone trying to get fit before NS?

    ^ sounds like you'd be a good workout partner. Keep up the good work ! I'm also a fitness junkie..addicted to the gym. I'm 6'1 205 lbs and I don't plan on falling off so I will find time during nursing school to get my workouts in...gym and music helps to keep me sane
  15. StayHumble11

    Anatomy & Physiology I/II Summer 2013

    About 2 weeks to go..crunch time Hang in there everybody !
  16. StayHumble11

    Non competitive GPA's BSN

    My sister got in with a 2.5 but she knew ppl