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  1. let go during orientation, needs advice?

    Before I was an RN I left a job where I was established and respected at a small company for a fortune 5 company. Biggest lesson I learned there is a big name is just a name. Stay where they treat you with dignity.
  2. Hourly Rounding--pushing back

    I like hourly rounding. But if my cna is not doing it too than I end up taking every one to the bathroom. And I don't have time for that.
  3. PRN during FNP School?

    As a nurse. Don't you see enough people that roll through the doors with out insurance? Go pto. But look into your own insurance. In you are a single male with no medical issues, it should be rather cheap. Cheaper than not having it when you need i...
  4. New preceptor

    Hi all I will be preceptoring a new nurse for the first time in the next couple weeks. Any tips? Thanks in advanced.
  5. I have a dilemma

    Pp I have a prior degree and I got my adn. First for cost, second for my gpa. As most CCs just look at your pre req gpa. Good luck!!
  6. NCLEX shut off at 75,

    Dear op Most people feel like they failed when they walk out of the nclex. But chances are you passed.
  7. No more fingersticks in ICU?

    Our protocol is changing just for PTs on pressors
  8. Cost of your RN degree??

    8500 for my ADN and I had a grant, and about 8500 for my BSN for which my hospital will pay about 6000 of. So my out of pocket. 2k.
  9. What's the meanest thing a patient has said to you?

    I had a family call me ugly. And than when I left the room looking insulted they complained to my charged nurse. Are we not humans with feelings? I could of taken a confused patient calling me names. But this was a family member just being mean. L...
  10. ASN With Second Degree

    I did the adn and I already have a degree due to cost. People from my program got hired into the ER, but that just totally depends on your area.
  11. Vacation scheduling

    Mine is first come first serve. I would hate seniority based as I could never go on vacation I the summer.
  12. Do you like working in neuro?

    Ditto the above poster. Neuro can get very heavy. My last shift one of my main priorities was transferring out a chfer who was there due to ams. I had enough people screaming that were truly neuro patients to deal with a sundowning sick heart.
  13. Starting an IV with Lidocaine or Not?

    I have had plenty of surgeries too, and blood draws. I am an extremely pick poke. As long as the person sticking me listens to my no sticks to the AC rule I would not want to bother with lidocaine.
  14. Should I wait to apply for a new grad position?

    Start applying! You don't want to miss them either. Just let them know. After they hire you.
  15. First. Congrats on getting back into to NS. Second to blame your failures on your learning disabilities? That's crap. This is college. Put your big girl panties on and get help. You had already failed a course, and should of known how get help. I s...