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  1. runsalot

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Had a teacher friend with a little boy name champagne. I told her to teach him to go by Champ. Would be the best thing she could teach him all year.
  2. Great post. I am glad I did not know how different NS was before I started as I might of never started. My first semester almost killed me. I cried alot. You have to realize it is that they are just not teaching you facts but they are teaching you to think like a nurse. And more than one answer on the test is correct.
  3. Best lesson for nursing students. Be quiet. And smile. A lesson I learned again this week. I am a second degree student who in their previous career was always encouraged to have healthy conversations with my bosses. Not so in ns. Smile and take it. I may have a tattoo put on my body to remind my self.