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  1. Small pocket book of med surg

    Hi, is it small size that I can carry with me.
  2. Hi, I want to buy small clinical handbook of med surg, which it can carry in my pocket. please can somebody suggest me which is a good one. thank you
  3. Study resources for clinicals

    Like I have seen some resources for icy nurses. does anyone would like to share their orientation material thank you
  4. Study resources for clinicals

    Hi, please can someone tell me some good resources for my med surg clinical. There is a book named fast facts for med surg nurses. But it is not free does anyone knows online good resources for doing good in clinical which are free also. thank you
  5. Jurisprudence exam meet here

    Anybody intersted
  6. Jurisprudence exam

    No,it's not daunting.... but...i some good tips from someone who has given the the legislation has 6-7 topics they are very big. I want to discuss those with someone.
  7. Jurisprudence exam meet here

    Hi, i would like to study with someone who is preparing for jurisprudence exam. I live in etobicoke. Please tell me someone is interested. thanks
  8. Jurisprudence exam

    Have u written the exam. Are the questions very hard. Like I am only upset with the legislation part. Rest is fine with me.
  9. Jurisprudence exam

    Yeah, it's open book. but still got to read it. The legislations are soooo long oh my god
  10. Jurisprudence exam

    Hi, please can anyone tell me how to study for jurisprudence exam. the legislations such as health consent act , Ontario regulation etc are very long. how did you guys read it. please your valuable suggestions are welcomed. thanks rosy
  11. nclex audio

    i thought smone would help me....
  12. nclex audio

    plz can someone help me with fundamentals of nursing good videos and mental health nursing good videos. i ll be wholeheartedly thankful.
  13. nclex audio

    the videos on you tube are not good. if u know some good videos can u tell me the link thanks
  14. nclex audio

    hi, i really learn by listening. i tried reading the book but its not working as good. does anybody knows free audio listening for nclex rn links. i found some on this site but they do not seem to be functioning. thanks
  15. NCLEX Study group

    hi, i am in canada. so we cannot meet. i have saunders too. we can discuss things thru emails. my email is i try to get the skype. i donot have it.