Took Test Today,,,did the trick...


and according to the trick, i passed. i am going to believe the trick, because so far it has been right 100% of the time.

i am almost in tears. this is my second time taking the exam. the first time, i failed with 265 questions. it was my fault for not studying enough, thinking that i could get by just as easily as i had in nursing school.

this time, it stopped at around 120 questions (i didn't look to see what question i was on before it ended), and i felt at peace as i left the exam room.

not passing the exam in september '09 held my life back for so many months. i wasn't able to contribute the way i was supposed to in the household. i had a job offer at the time that is not available anymore. so, i was stuck in a horrible job (that only became worse) because i needed the $13/hr it provided. my new husband was rightfully angry with me on a daily basis for not preparing. now i am expecting a child and am 6 months pregnant, wondering if anyone will actually hire me before i give birth and take an (unpaid) leave. but------------

but at least, at long last, after months of torture and crying and regret, months of watching my classmates start their new careers as i lagged behind, months of family members putting me down for not having studied enough, after years of breaking my back with a physically demanding and emotionally draining and dehumanizing job with little pay, after so many months of doubting my own intelligence, my own worth.........

i have passed this freakin exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i, and the little girl in my belly, can move on!!!!!!!!!!!!

:nurse: i just want to say - thank you to everyone who contributes to this forum. i spent the last few weeks here laughing and crying with all of the apprehensive test-takers out there. you are my support group. and this is, finally, my first contribution. :nurse:


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You Rock, right on Honey, Congrats.


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Way to Go!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!


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wohooo ..i just found out i passed !!! took NCLEX yesterday so relieved I dont think my stomach could take any longer waiting to find out.



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God Bless you and your little one.:redpinkhe

Congrats onthe blood, sweat, and tears.:yeah:

I know you must feel humbled, grateful, and thrilled:lol2:

Now go out there and show the world what u can do!:p


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Way to go.


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Wishing you good luck.


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Wonderful Testimony!! Thank you......Your new nickname is Courageous Hands!!! Put it on your business cards and remember aspiringone!!!

Congratulations.........YOU ARE AN RN NOW...


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:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe Thank you, everyone, for your kind words!! Thank you so much...

And if I ever do make business cards, aspiringone, I'll be sure to add "RN" next to my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D


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conguratulations , and all the best for the coming future for you and your girl ,, i took the exam on january 14 ,, is there any way to know the result ,,

I was on question number 134 when the exam stopped ,,

what trick do you believe ??

my exam was in Goergia test center ,,