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  1. caffeineaddict

    Which program is better LA Harbor or LA Southwest?

    hi doglover14! i went to harbor college and it was an outstanding experience.it is an extremely tuff program, but it prepared me for nclex. they have a very high pass rate(check the BRN). where do you live because the 2 schools are in opposite directions. i went to southwest for a few prereqs as well. caffeine
  2. caffeineaddict


    Oh dear:arghh:, not what I was hoping for. Thanks for the response though. Caffeine
  3. caffeineaddict


    My supervisor or QA person will send the oasis back to you and you resubmit with corrections. Caffeine
  4. caffeineaddict


    Hello nurses!, For those of you with experience,is the computerized Oasis document quicker/easier to complete than the old fashioned 20 page hand written one? Thanks in advance, Caffeine
  5. caffeineaddict

    LVN to RN in Southern California

    Pm me. I'll tell u where I went and the ends and outs. There is hope;) Caffeine
  6. caffeineaddict

    Wow... NCLEX was a JOKE.... studied 4 days...

    In my opinion, it was definetly "not a joke". It wasn't impossible but definetly the most stressful test I have ever taken so far.Caffeine
  7. caffeineaddict

    Curious about other testing sites

    In California, gum was not allowed too.And when you went on break, finger scan, ID check, empty out pockets,tcdb:)Caffeine
  8. caffeineaddict

    Just A Rant!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Ruiz, I just pm you. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Caffeine
  9. caffeineaddict

    LPN in an ADN program...advice?

    Hi, I too was an LVN to RN and it was not easy. As an LVN, I was not used to the paperwork and nsg care plans at all:madface:. I struggled big time and needed help badly. I did find help with my classmates who were generic RNs. They had the solid foundation and knowledge from 1st semester that I did not have. Ask your generic RN classmates for guidance /suggestions. I wish I would have sooner so that I wasn't playing catchup. You can do it. Good luck, Caffeine
  10. caffeineaddict

    Just A Rant!!!!!!!!!

    I am a fresh, new grad RN. I have seen a few ads seeking new grads and I have been lucky enough to get several interviews. Once I get there why do they ask " So do you have any experience?" I thought this was for a new grad!!!!!!??? To make it more interesting they also ask " So what other languages do you speak?" What!!!!!! I'm just a new grad RN who is not multi- lingual, nor do I have any acute experience in a hospital:no: What I am is extremely passionate, a patient advocate,who would love to show you what I can do. PLease give me a chance. Just a rant, Caffeine
  11. Hi, Are there any good books about being a HH nurse (RN) and good charting/documenting? Thanks in advance Caffeine
  12. caffeineaddict

    Failed second time NCLEX RN how to be motivated again?

    I totally agree with Begosh. The NCLEX is not content only, but test strategy. ABC's, stable vs unstable, real vs. unreal etc.. Kaplan was a huge help imo. I did the live classroom version and online. I felt this was similiar to the NCLEX. Good luck 2 u - u can do it! Caffeine
  13. caffeineaddict

    Hired at a SNF but.....

    UPDATE I had to turn down the SNF RN position. The manager was not willing to extend me an orientation beyond 2 days. Some new grads perhaps could have handled the stress but not me:no:. I feel good with my decision. The patients deserve someone competent and prepared. I tip my hat to those new grads who managed to tuff it out working with 40+ residents and 24-48 hour orientation. Good luck to us all in the struggle, Caffeine
  14. caffeineaddict

    how long did you wait to go from LPN to RN?

    Too long:crying2:. I got my LVN in 2000 and waited ,waited, waited. I could've had my NP by now but oh well. I graduated in June 2012 with my ADN. Do it now!!!!! Caffeiine
  15. caffeineaddict

    What do you indicate when they ask "Salary Requirement"?

    If I only could! Caffeine:roflmao:
  16. caffeineaddict

    What do you indicate when they ask "Salary Requirement"?

    Yes, I have:crying2: Caffeine