Took my NCLEX yesterday!


Took my NCLEX yesterday and needless to say I am a nervous wreck! I just had to get it off my chest! THIS WAS THE HARDEST TEST EVER! you know the thing that is really bad is that none of the questions told me what disease the person had! ughh especially the drug questions, but I digress, in retro spect, if I didn't pass, I am immediatly signing up to take it again (well wait period and all)ughhh it is killing me! my test shut off at 85....I am PRAYING I passed! Good luck to everyone taking theirs soon!

Until I find out, I will be on pins and needles!


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Try PVT to lessen your agony. Goodluck


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Hi meganlovescoach! I took my NCLEX same day as yours on 23rd.... It stopped at 75... Questions are seems the same with Saunders that I used for review but when you see the choices, the answer that you are looking for is not there. How can it be??? lots of drugs, computations, prioritization, and Infection control. Im not sure if I made it but Im still hopeful. I will be praying for you too. May God bless our exam results....

Thank you guys!

Yeah virginia doesnt participate in the quick results, but the girls in my class called the va state board or whaatever, put in their ss# and apparently you have to listen for your name and license info which means you passed! but they said it takes like 2 days!

I got a lot of prioritizing, and yeah infection control, and a few drugs, only one calculation!

I will be on cloud nine for weeks if I passed! I really don't want to do that again till I have to test for my RN!


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Which NCLEX was this for? LVN?

yes lpn/lvn whichever you want to call it!


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Good luck and definitely keep us posted on your results! :nurse:


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Good luck, praying for your success.

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooo hoo1 I am over the moon happy :)