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  1. meganlovescoach

    Question about my Resume

    Hey Guys, So I am making a new resume and I am wondering if should include my license number and date of experation in my resume! Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. meganlovescoach

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    No funny names fromt he nursing field yet, but from the daycare field? there are som weird ones! We have a kid named aden (a-den) because his parents didnt know how to spell it, because they only named him right before leaving the hospital. Also had an Aliric supposedly it meant like god or something or king , that kid was more like king of his house.... We had a server at ihop the other day whose name was candida (maybe not the best name to have when in the food industry?) had a share of Nevaehs (heaven spelled backwords), we had a sunny, a kid whose name was tristan, but intials spelled TNT...Flonette, burgundy, deux, I went to school with a chick named verushcha, a alittle girl named azjanea. At one point in my class we had little girls named mikayla, kylie, kayliegh, kaitilin, kira and kyra! Now try saying that three times fast
  3. meganlovescoach

    85 Questions- R U kidding me?

    I just took my lpn neclex, which stopped at 85, and I passed. I was very confident going in, but while doing it I had no idea, guessed on some questions, some of them were very very difficult, not just the material but the way they worded questions, they give you the absolute minimal information! Any way i thought for sure I had failed, I figured there was no way i passed, but i did! In fact five of the people in my class' tests also stopped at 85 and they passed as well! I agree, it means you have either done very well (hopefully!) or very poorly....however, I havent head of anyone stopping at 85 and failing!
  4. meganlovescoach

    Took my NCLEX yesterday!

    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooo hoo1 I am over the moon happy :)
  5. meganlovescoach

    Anyone working at virgina hospital center??

    No, But I did do clinicals for nursing school there. They seemed to be nice, of course I did clinicals on the weekends, so it was alot more laid back, but it is a nice hospital, good luck!
  6. meganlovescoach

    ECPI/MCI LPN Program - anyone?

    Well I graduated from the manassas ecpi in december. They got a new campus president guy who is awesome and is really working out the issues. As far as the education goes, I personally feel like it was good, and quality teaching. The evening teachers (which is the route I went) are very good. Now as far as clinicals and scheduleing goes, it's a mess. Prepare for them to loose your paperwork, prepare to get your schedule for the next term a few days before it starts, prepare that some of your clincals you will drive to will have no instructor, and you will have to make them up, prepare that you will not neccesarily have clincals coordinate with your class (for our pediatric unit, we were sent to illif pediatric nursing home ONCE and the rest we were in a medsurg unit) also one of our med surg classes, we had to find our own clinical site, because the clinical coordinator (who is a lazy noo good crazy person) was gonna put us in ltc, cuz there was no where to go. The night program is hard, you do your clincals on the weekend, most every weekend. If I could do it again, I would have probaley not gone there, but if you are looking for a fast way, they are okay. Once your there awhile, you get used to the unorganization of it. I would deff. not go to the manassas ecpi for RN because they just got the program, so I am sure it is a disaster. ECPI is good though because we did a hesi nearly every term, and their pass grade is 80%, so One every test, or every assignment, a passing grade is an 80 or better. overall the education is good, the program is just unorganized.
  7. meganlovescoach

    About to begin an LPN program

    My lpn program didn't include phlebotomy, so that is something you might want to check in to. Nursing school is not for the lazy or weary. I took and 18 month evening cousre, it was 5:30 to 10:30 EVERY night, with clincals all day saturday and sunday, most every weekend. That, and working a seven to four job was very stressful. But if you are determined, you can do it. Most of the doctor's offices in my area, or walk in clincs hire lpns. Alot of the girls in my class got job offers from their preceptorship (like an internship we had to do before graduating) and they did theirs at doctor's offices and clinics.
  8. meganlovescoach

    LPN to RN

    you might want to go straight for your rn. It seems like for you, getting your lpn would just be an extra step. If I had been able to find an rn school, i would have done that first! My lpn program was 18 months, but ended up being about two years, and now I am working on pre reqs for a bridge program. However I also think it depends on where you live, in my city there is as much work for lpns as there is for rn's, so I can get a job while I am waiting. If your area is not like that, it might be more wise and $$$ smart to just go for your rn.
  9. meganlovescoach

    Lpn to Rn bridge???

    Well I was going through the same thing, well sort of, I graduated nursing school in december, and just took my nclex, getting ready to go into a bridge program. The thing is that my school doesnt tranfer credits, so there are pre reqs to get into the program that must be done prior to applying. The deadline is fall, I wont make it this fall, but i am going to take maybe a couple of classes this summer, and strech it out over the next year (I think it is like 10 classes you take as pre reqs). I would suggest maybe getting you Lpn first, that way you get your foot in the water, and always have it to fall back on. If you are determined to get your RN, you will go back and get it! If you get out of nursing school and wait, you'll never go back, so do it as soon as you get your lpn, go back for your rn.... Of course if you could, in your situation it might be easier to go via the rn route, but in my experience, rn programs are more competitve, so if you really need to start working right away, I would either get your cna or your lpn, that way you can work while your in school.
  10. meganlovescoach

    Should I get my LPN license?

    I would still get it! I mean you've gone through school for it, and what if in the future you do find a place that hires lpns, then you have your license. It's another thing on the resume! plus if you do a bridge program to rn or what have you, you have to have your lpn license.
  11. meganlovescoach

    Took my NCLEX yesterday!

    yes lpn/lvn whichever you want to call it!
  12. meganlovescoach

    Took my NCLEX yesterday!

    Thank you guys! Yeah virginia doesnt participate in the quick results, but the girls in my class called the va state board or whaatever, put in their ss# and apparently you have to listen for your name and license info which means you passed! but they said it takes like 2 days! I got a lot of prioritizing, and yeah infection control, and a few drugs, only one calculation! I will be on cloud nine for weeks if I passed! I really don't want to do that again till I have to test for my RN!
  13. meganlovescoach

    Took my NCLEX yesterday!

    Took my NCLEX yesterday and needless to say I am a nervous wreck! I just had to get it off my chest! THIS WAS THE HARDEST TEST EVER! omg....lol you know the thing that is really bad is that none of the questions told me what disease the person had! ughh especially the drug questions, but I digress, in retro spect, if I didn't pass, I am immediatly signing up to take it again (well wait period and all)ughhh it is killing me! my test shut off at 85....I am PRAYING I passed! Good luck to everyone taking theirs soon! Until I find out, I will be on pins and needles!
  14. meganlovescoach

    NCLEX practice book

    We also got the saunder's big old orange book in school. I didn't really use that much, I got the nclex pn made incredibly easy it's a big orange book as well, it is loaded with information! almost overwhelming, but i like it alot! Also alot of my classmates got the lippincott review (workbook?) it's is all questions, and goes like system by system, and that was helpful because it is all nclex style questions! I don't know if I passed or not yet, but I am crossing my fingers!
  15. meganlovescoach

    My friend took nclex and cut at 100.

    I know how she feels! I took mine yesterday which stopped at 85. BUT the number of questions you get is no indication of whether you pass or fail! my twin sister and I both tested on the same day and i had 85 (the minimum) and she got 205 (the max). it is an adaptive test, so the number of questions you get is not relevant! Good luck to your friend!