Took the NCLEX today...i feel like i failed!

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Just took the NCLEX this morning. I'm so nervous because I think I failed. I had 75 questions a TON is SATA, some infection control, 2 med questions and the rest seems like a blur. When it shut off I felt like I wanted to do more questions so I can prove myself some more. I'm so nervous and am too chicken to do the Pearson trick. :( encouragement would be great right now

SATA is a good sign. Those are high passing questions. I'm confident in you that you passed!!! Just breathe and think about how far you've come. You did it!!! :)

Be encouraged, you probably did better than you think. I also had a ton of sata, priority questions, and who knows what else!! I felt as if i didnt know anything!! I did do the test because I couldn't stAnd not to know, and got the good pop up, found out two days later I had passed. You probably did fine!

Thank you so much for your feedback. I studied using Kaplan and a little bit of hurst. I felt like the questions weren't as difficult as Kaplan but they weren't so straight out easy either. I was always stuck between two answers but I don't feel confident. I'm so nervous!!

The same thing happened to my instructor. She told us that she felt like the dumbest person alive because her test shut off after 75 questions. She passed. I hate waiting for test results because it feels worse than the test sometimes, but don't think you automatically failed because of the lower number of questions because it could just mean that you were so awesome that you only needed that many to pass.

I also had a lot of questions that were in quotation marks. Is that a good sign? Would they keep giving me sata questions if I wasnt getting them right?

how are questions in quotation marks? like pick the most therapeutic answer? how are those questions?

Did the trick and got the good pop up! But I'm still very nervous. How accurate is the trick? Ugh I'm so nervous won't feel good until I see the official results. The quotation questions were like which one about certain drug/condition true or false.

It was accurate for me i took the nclex on saturday and checked right after and kept getting it since.....found out monday i passed!

Congrats! Nycnursing :) any study tips?

Also took my NCLEX RN today and got the good pop up !! I am so relieved :) !!!!

Did the trick and got the good pop up! But I'm still very nervous. How accurate is the trick?

I haven't heard of a single case of The Trick™ failing.

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