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Ok I had my nclex rn this morning at 8:00a and the computer stopped after giving me 88 questions! The screen went blue and I went "come back". I had 12 SATA, 12 Prioritiy, 1 Math, 5 Pschy, 8 Pharm, 3 Child Health, 2 Audios, lots of Infection Control,and the rest were content based. I studied my butt off from Aug 16-Nov 19 and tested today (Nov. 20th). I am glad the test is over, so now I wait for the results. I'm in Florida so I will know my results by Monday, I decided not to do the Pearson vue trick right now, I think I just want to wait:).

NIce , Good luck!!! Let me feel the aura.. hmm youve passed :D


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good luck to you.


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any pointers for the ones taking it soon?

Awesome! Happy Thanksgiving to you! (And to everyone!)


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I took the NCLEX at 8am today in New Orleans. It cut off at 75. I tried the pearson trick and got the good pop up!!! Will wait for official before celebrating!!!! Damn it s been a LONG ROAD!!! 20+ years to get my act together. :yeah:

Come on...you know you have to share how you prepared...LOL

Congrats in advance !


I prepared by doing Hurst online review(Highly Recommended), then had books from Kaplan, Saunders, NCLEX for dummies.

Good Luck!:cool: