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  1. booziemgm2

    Med surg certification

    I just got my RN license after being an LPN on a med surg floor for about 5 years. Where do I start for the certification. I HAVE NO CLUE!!! I want to continue now since I am in the Post Excelsior (self study) mode!! Any info on the process & testing would be greatly apperciated .
  2. booziemgm2

    I am a real nurse now!!! :)

    I Passed NCLEX with 75 question and a GOOD Pearson Vue popup within 5 hours of taking the test. I PASSED AND HAVE MY LICENSE IN HAND!!!!! Thanks to all of you for the great info to help me with my journey through Excelsior. Damn it's been a long 20 years to get my act together.
  3. booziemgm2


    DADDYO I prepared by doing Hurst online review(Highly Recommended), then had books from Kaplan, Saunders, NCLEX for dummies. Good Luck!
  4. booziemgm2

    The College Network - Legit or Scam?

    CANCEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also bought the college network material and failed the first test that I used their material for. You can do the program without College Network!!!! I graduated from Excelsior, took NCLEX today and know that purchasing the materials from the college network was a waste of money!!!! Take it from a successful, soon to be RN you do not need college network.
  5. booziemgm2

    To take the nclex review class or not?

    I recommend the Hurst reveiw. They do it in person or online!! I did the live review for my LPN license and the online for RN(took NCLEX today-- got the good pop up from pearson). I know this is the review that did the trick for me!!! Worth every penny!!!
  6. booziemgm2


    I took the NCLEX at 8am today in New Orleans. It cut off at 75. I tried the pearson trick and got the good pop up!!! Will wait for official before celebrating!!!! Damn it s been a LONG ROAD!!! 20+ years to get my act together.
  7. booziemgm2

    Show time tomorrow! Nclex-rn

    ME TOO!!!!!!
  8. booziemgm2

    CPNE Packing List

    Must have, Picture ID, nursing care plan book, watch with second hand, non programable calculator, drug book, white scrubs and shoes, pencils. All other things are comforts from home, as for study material, bring what every you need to survive( by the time you leave, you should know it like the back of your hand). What ever you need wether it be prayer, meditation, exercise, rx, music, figure out now how you will deal with the stress because there will be stress!!! YOU can pass, but you need to control the stress.
  9. booziemgm2


    I passed :yeah:my CPNE at SRMC this past weekend ( AUG 13-15th) I NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!!!!! I am so glad that is over, boards should be a breeze compaired to that!!!! Thanks for all the support and insider tips to this journey to become and RN!!!!!:redbeathe
  10. booziemgm2

    there is a New GN in town!

  11. booziemgm2


    CONGRATULATIONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to SRMC this week! I AM FREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So !!! I just keep reading and praying! So happy:lol2: for your success, I want to be like you!!!!!!! Have a great week!!
  12. booziemgm2


    Taking CPNE in a few weeks. Trying to book airline tickets. What is the latest anyone would stay on Sunday??? Is a 9:57PM flight out late enough???? I AM FREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not sure if i am ready for the beast:eek:
  13. booziemgm2

    failed my first test lifespan 2

    LS 2 is the worst of all the tests. I failed it twice. I am waiting till Aug 13th for my CPNE so yes, take a break. Do what is right for you, either LS 3 ( which I thought was easy) or LS 2 again. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I did and before you know it you will be freaking :eek:out about something else, like the CPNE!!!! :) You are not alone!!!!!!!!!!
  14. booziemgm2

    I passed the CPNE in Milwaukee, Wi !!!!!

    Great job!!! Going to Atlanta in August!! will be right behind you soon!:)
  15. booziemgm2

    cpne date at grady

    I got my date this week August 13th, FRIDAY THE 13th and my kids start school the day before.
  16. booziemgm2

    I passed FCCA now on to CPNE!!!!!

    I mailed it back on a Friday and found out on the following Wednesday that I passed!!!!Not long at all!