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  1. I graduated in October with an ADN and got my dream job in the OR! I started orientation last week! What was difficult for me, wasnt the type of degree I had just trying to get the interview and the hospital only offeres OR internships for nurses a couple of times a year so I had to wait till one was available and build a rapport with HR to get an interview. Bottom line is its doable if you work hard at it:yeah:
  2. nicenrse


    :yeah:There seems to be quite a few of us starting OR orientation in July! I start mine July 11th at a large teaching hospital that is a level 1 trauma center too Im so excited and nervous! Im a new grad and like you said that first year is going to be tough but I think its going to be great!!! Good Luck, let us know how the orientation goes and we can compare notes and tips as we navigate this exciting journey!!!
  3. nicenrse

    I got a job! *happy dance*

    OMG I start my OR orientation July 11th also!!!!! Im so excited and nervous! my orientation will be 6 months! Good luck to all of us OR newbies!!!!!:clpty:
  4. nicenrse

    I GOT IT!

    I interviewed for an OR position about 2 1/2 weeks ago and found out today that I got the job!!!!!!:yeah:Im so excited and nervous I cant wait!!! It will be a 6 months of orientation which Im so grateful for because I graduated in October (so still new grad) with only 4 months LTC experience....man Im in for a ride!!!!!!:clpty:
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    Thank you! I did look back at previous posts, which was helpful (Dont know why I didnt think of that first) Interview went amazing!!! It was a panel interview with the clinical educator and about 5 other team members from OR, we all clicked really well, conversation was effortless! At the end I was told I interviewed really well!! the moment I left I sent a thank you card that had each panel members full name written in it, and now I wait! Should know by the end of next week! This is my dream job and I really hope I get it!!!!! I feel really great about how it went, so here's hoping!!:heartbeat
  6. nicenrse


    I have an interview tomorrow for an OR Nurse internship, I have never interviewed for OR before and only have 4months experience in skilled nursing/LTC. I want this sooo badly!!!! Can anyone give me any tips on what to expect for this area in an interview, and what they look for to help me prepare? This interview was just set up today, so I have not had time to really prepare! Thanks in advance!!
  7. nicenrse

    Starting out in LTC

    Wow!!! I don't know what I would do without this site!! The support, wisdom, and encouragment is great!!! I have my first day of orientation Friday! I will definately pay close attention, take notes, and ask ask ask!!! I will let you all know how it goes! thank you so much....I feel like it's gonna be a bumpy road in the beginning but it has been done before and I'm eager to learn as much as possible and give the best care possible....and in all honesty, I do think I will be one of those people that will cry in my car on my way home feeling overwhelmed while I figure out how to make the next day better!!
  8. nicenrse

    Starting out in LTC

    OMG Thank you BOTH soooooooo much!!!! I take your replies to heart and will definately use the tips mentioned....the cheat sheets for meds and codes are brilliant! I feel a little better already! Oh and of course I will ask whenever Im in doubt (just hope they don't get annoyed by it)!:hug:
  9. nicenrse

    Starting out in LTC

    I graduated nursing school in October, took Nclex November, and was extactic to be an RN.....until 100+ applications and rejections Ugh....it's enough to knock anyone down, So imagine my surprise when I got a call OFFERING my a nursing position!!!!! It in a LTC facility, patient load is 16 which seems amazing compared to the norm!! However I was told my orientation would only be about 4-5 days!!!!!!! Im freaking out! What if Im not ready after such a short orientation? How long will it take to feel comfortable in this area as a new grad? any advice or words of wisdom to help the transition would be awesome!!! Im sooooo nervous!!!!
  10. nicenrse

    Helpful hints DVD

    I would love a DVD like that, Im a new RN and don't have a job yet, but I feel like school just doesnt prepare us for real life nursing, and being able to refresh and learn new things is always welcomed!!
  11. nicenrse

    Dog days

    I agree....there has to be a better option, this really saddens me, I say use the dogs for the residents, it seems the best solution and most compassionate idea.
  12. nicenrse

    registry requesting access to my medical files

    wow thats a shocking request!!! I really hope you dont and wont sign those papers!
  13. nicenrse

    back from 2nd interview

    Yes I agree, at least we are struggling together and it's a blessing to have this site for support!! I graduated in October and have been unemployed since January so the pressure is mounting! I did not get the psych position due to lack of experience again!!!!!! I just wish they wouldn't call me for an interview if Im not experienced enough for them, its very discouraging!! I did apply to a LTC facility today and it seemed to go well but the HR person warned me that what tends to hold up progress of getting hired is waiting for employment reference sheets to be filled out by previous employers, my last employer and I did not end on good terms and Im worried they wont fill out the info and delay me from working.....I don't know what to do:uhoh3:
  14. nicenrse

    back from 2nd interview

    Thank you so much for your response, :hug: you are absolutely right! Im going to apply at a LTC facility where I know someone that can put in a good word for me, I also applied to an oncology clinic and have an interview for part time psych rn position monday so at least I can say Im actively out there trying!! I will update if I get a job !
  15. nicenrse

    I am a real nurse now!!! :)