Took NCLEX-RN today...keep getting good pop-up...still feel numb!

Nursing Students NCLEX


Good is soooooo good! i literally thought I failed! I pray that this pop-up is an accurate indication, because Jesus KNOWS I can't sit through that again! My test was so damn hard...and yet some of it was simple....with bits and pieces of "huh" and "what" and "yeah right"!! I really felt like I knew nothing on it....after question number 10, I wanted to cry! I didn't even take a break!! Got 75 questions and the screen went blue! It took me maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes!!

Everyone's test is different, but my test was all OB and Meds and therapeutic communication and only 5 SATA (which had me freaking out because they were literally spaced out the entire test and I only had 5 of them...yes FIVE!! smh)....ish was CRAZY!! But God is so, so, so good and He was with me the entire time....even when I wanted to cry!! I couldn't even take a break because I knew if I went to the restroom I would start balling tears!! So I just kept going and prayed that after 75 I would be put out of my misery - and He answered my prayer with a blue screen!!

I pulled out my ipad when I got to the elevator and by the time I was to my car, pearson vue was loading and I got the pop up!! I literally fell to my knees next to my car and started crying and thanking Jesus!! I still feel like I'm in a daze! I just don't know what to think!

My advice to those of you studying is go over everything - I literally dreaded OB and Meds during my studying and neglected them and that is exactly what was on my test (I literally wanted to attack the computer screen when I hit next and would get another OB question!!)

Did I say that God is good??!! Try Him and see for yourself!!

I know some of you may want to know what I used to study and I did Kaplan for questions and Hurst for content. My scores are below. I hope this helps!! Keep doing questions, reading the rationales, and praying!! And when you're done praying, pray some more!!

Kaplan Scores

Diagnostic 49% (which sent me into a panic and led me straight to Hurst for some content)

QT 1 69%

QT 2 69%

QT 3 53% (another panic moment)

QT 4 62%

QT 5 65%

QT 6 69%

QT 7 67%

Readiness 61%

Qbank (100% complete) 61%

Kaplan Sample NCLEX tests

Test 1 72%

Test 2 58%

Test 3 80%

Hurst Sample Tests (only did 3 out of the 6)

Test 1 64% (80/125)

Test 2 69.6% (87/125)

Test 3 74.4% (93/125)

Also used Lacharity and the study guide (not endorsed by you know who). I only did about 10 chapters and scored anywhere from the 60s-90s!!

And I studied for about 5-6 weeks.

Wow, Mya thats wonderful. Congrats :cheers: on a job well done. Im still in panic mode, I am scheduled for 12:00 on Friday! At least I should be awake by then. So glad Im not doing an 8:00 am exam.

btw, that was so funny what you said about dread OB, I do great at that and hope I get a ton of OB. I dread Peds and Meds, even though I did ace Peds in school it doesnt stick in my head.

Anne36, good luck!! I will say a prayer for you! Just breathe and take your time!! I literally felt like I was flying through the questions!! My test was scheduled for 1215, but I got there early and started around 1145! I'm still a ball full of emotions, but most of all relieved and thankful!!

Wow! Congrats! I have the same issues with my emotions as well && I take mine on Saturday. How long did you prepare?

Good luck on Saturday Mfuentes590!! I studied for about 5 weeks!!

CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooooo you got te golden ticket!

Thank you!! I think I've rechecked it like 10 times and still get the pop up!! I just don't know what to do with myself!!!

Congrats, RN! :cheers:

You got the Good Pop Up! Yayyyyyy!!! Congratulations RN!

Congrats New Grad RN! The pop up worked for me as well when I took my NCLEX in Feb. I also passed in 75 questions. I actually knew I passed before I left the testing center. The protor of my exam accidently slipped up and gave me a high-five when I was walking out of the building. LOL! As soon as I got home 30 minutes later, I had the good pop up. My name and license number appeared on my state's board of nursing website 2 days later.

I am jealous that you only got 5 SATA! It felt like every couple of questions on my exam were SATA. I was once told that the more SATA questions you get, the better you are doing on your test. However, I'm not sure how accurate that is. I've spoken to several people who passed who got several SATA, and some who only got a few. So, not to worry about how few or many SATA you actually had. Go celebrate your success! :w00t:

What do you think helped you the most on the exam? Were you thinking "glad I learned my labs" or "good thing I knew that certain med"? What do you fall back on during the exam, is it your knowledge base?

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